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    1. rseymorejr

      Bald Mortgage Guy Ammo Karma 2023!

      Thank you!
    2. rseymorejr

      Push for new hires includes more women in Montgomery County police

      What about the other 53 genders? Montgomery County is transphobic
    3. rseymorejr

      Why I Preach Shooting Gangsta Style and from Uncomfortable Positions.

      It involves taking the other guy's wallet once he's on the ground too
    4. rseymorejr

      Ocean City “Somewhere to Smile About” That will be 975K Thank You!

      West Baltimore by the sea. These white supremacists are out of control.
    5. rseymorejr

      Outdoor Gun Ranges Near Towson?

      Elk Neck is a public shooting range in Northeast. $10/day or $50/year. Rifle range up to 100 yards, pistol range, archery range and shotgun area AGC in Marriottsville is very nice. $225/ year(I think) plus additional membership is required.
    6. rseymorejr

      Selling a Ruger Mark II .22 lr on consignment

      An FFL would, the MSP would not.
    7. rseymorejr

      Selling a Ruger Mark II .22 lr on consignment

      If you're concerned about that write a sales contract.: I ________________ agree to sell a Ruger MKII S/N_____________ to_______________ for the sum of $____________. Transfer to comply with all state and federal laws. Transfer to take place at _____________________. If the buyer is...
    8. rseymorejr


      No. The HQL is no charge if you have a W&C permit, no seperate fingerprints either. I had my HQL long before I got a permit so I can't give you any specifics but someone who did this recently should come along soon with details. My brother has a 43X and he loves it!
    9. rseymorejr

      Lead Free Bullets

      Me too, thought it was a Karma thread
    10. rseymorejr

      Bag Jobs...always fun.

      Looks better than it did yesterday afternoon!
    11. rseymorejr

      Bald Mortgage Guy Ammo Karma 2023!

      This is a great karma. Thanks! 1. sxs 2. BossmanPJ 3. Bertfish 4. Nobody 5. md_rick_o 6. Meatgrinder 7. gforce 8. Sundazes 9. Justemily 10. Djcerna 11. Mondial 12. Mark75H 13. Rseymorejr
    12. rseymorejr

      Consignment Guns

      I hate to hear that, he was great. Got lots of my money. He was always very nice to deal with. You 2 were a good team. You'd lure me in with those pictures and he'd take my money! LOL!
    13. rseymorejr

      Buying Out of State Nephew a Shotgun

      Easiest thing would be you sending their mother or father a check to buy them a couple shotguns.
    14. rseymorejr

      Advice on 77R

      The UPIN has been a big help for me. There's someone in Maryland with my same first and last name (middle name is different) about my same age with page after page on Md Case Search. Used to be delayed all the time. Now I might get a five minute delay.
    15. rseymorejr

      Estate Sale Partial Gun List.

      My son said he heard $2800 I do know it was snapped up early
    16. rseymorejr

      Estate Sale Partial Gun List.

      That 39 was near perfect
    17. rseymorejr

      Estate Sale Partial Gun List.

      the 39 was 650 and the 1895 was 950
    18. rseymorejr

      Estate Sale Partial Gun List.

      My brother, son and I were there bright and early this morning. I ended up with the Marlin 39AS and my son picked up the Marlin 1895 GS. By the time we left there at 10 I'd bet they had sold 80% of what they had.
    19. rseymorejr

      Consignment Guns

      You cost me a lot of money over the past couple years! Good luck in your new venture
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