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      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      And if made mandatory to exercise a right, should be subsidized (paid in full) by the state and made available in all neighborhoods.
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      NJ Non Resident - Permit to Carry a Handgun Process

      So looking at the instructions, they aren't asking for "Proof of ownership" anymore?
    3. D

      Which CCW permit should I get next?

      I have my Adams County appt on 3/21, application was approved 2/6. Next will be FL, then maybe NJ as NJ will also give me MN where I have a lot of friends. Anyone done the NJ permit? What is the procedure there?
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      Para Ordnance P14 upgrade suggestions

      I’ve got a P10-40. Been working on polishing the feed ramp. When I got it it would fail to feed about 2 out of every 10. I have it down to about once every 2 mags. Need to get some 1200 and 2000 grit paper to finish it up. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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      Trauma Kit list

      Israeli bandages Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted 7/13, accepted 7/26. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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      Spouse HQL Training Exemption

      I used a gun that has never been "registered" in MD for my HQL exemption. I moved here before 2013, and it was in my possession since the mid 1990s after my Dad passed away. I was living in WV at the time. Just listed the serial number and it was never questioned.
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      Wear and carry course disappointment.

      The unfortunate thing with the MD requirements is the course content really doesn’t prepare you for any level of proficiency in wear and carry. It is just a course that checks an arbitrary box established by the MD General Assembly to make it harder and more expensive to the general public to...
    9. D

      Latest NY state handgun permit law

      How would this work? I think taking a case on first impression is only cases between states. Is there a provision somewhere that allows for re-examining a case for flagrant disregard by the loosing party? Maybe it’s a good thingNY took the lead on this BS if it can go right back to SCOTUS in...
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      Maryland CCW Application via MDSP Portal

      I’m scheduled for a CCW class in a couple weeks. Don’t really end it as I have a DD256, but figured any training is good training! I have a side business that generates about 1/4 to 1/3 of my income. Given that the AG hadn’t made a determination yet, should I use the business, or rely on the...
    11. D

      Does a DD256 count for the training exemption?

      Looking at the MSP web site it identifies "You are an active, retired, or honorably discharged member of the armed forces of the United States or the National Guard." as being one of the exemptions to having to take the 16 hour training class. I have a DD256 Honorable Discharge Certificate...
    12. D

      WV Property-Search thread:

      There are at least 5. Windwood that others have identified. I used to hop rides out of there when I had the Howard. There is one just behind Summit Point, there is Green Landings in Hedgesville, there is one a little south of Parkersburg that I forget the name of, and Ona Airpark. I almost...
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      C&R AG letter on transfers

    14. D

      C&R AG letter on transfers

      I’ve been searching for about an hour now with no luck. I’m looking for the AG letter that says interstate transfer of C&R items can be shipped directly to an MD FFL-03. All the links I’ve found are dead. There is a gun on gunbroker I want to bid on and the seller says if I can show the transfer...
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      SB387 "Public Safety - Untraceable Firearms" - The Ban on Private Firearm Making

      So I’ll be honest, I haven’t followed this as I haven’t been into building guns. Does this bill have any provisions for pre 1968 guns without serial numbers or will I be a criminal once it is enacted? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    16. D

      Para Ordnance P10-40 problems

      Swapped the bases on the mags, hope to get to the range sometime this week. Will report back Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    17. D

      Para Ordnance P10-40 problems

      Never shot it before the base plate change so I can’t tell if it’s a new problem or not.
    18. D

      Para Ordnance P10-40 problems

      I did add new extended grip bottoms on the mags, maybe I should put the original bottoms back on to eliminate that variable.
    19. D

      Para Ordnance P10-40 problems

      Looks like Remington has killed off the Para brand, but I’ll give them a call tomorrow to see what they can do. Mine is a Canadian built Para, but if as you say, lifetime warranty, maybe they will honor it. Thanks.
    20. D

      Para Ordnance P10-40 problems

      I have 5 mags, two came with the gun and the other 3 are new (aftermarket, couldn’t find any originals) The gun doesn’t look like it’s been fired much, so I wouldn’t think the recoil spring is bad, but who knows. I’m not sure how the feed lips are supposed to be adjusted on these mags. I had to...
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