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    1. Punchabearinnamouf

      R.I.P. DD214 - MDShooters Founder

      Haha I think I still have that one somewhere too. I thoroughly enjoyed those meet and greets back in the day.
    2. Punchabearinnamouf

      R.I.P. DD214 - MDShooters Founder

      It was DB McMillan's Irish Pub. Been a long time, but I was there also. I helped organize a couple of the meet and greets around here.
    3. Punchabearinnamouf

      R.I.P. DD214 - MDShooters Founder

      I haven't posted on here in several years, but just heard the news through Facebook and was shocked and saddened. I felt I needed to come back here to post my condolences. I have many great memories from, and because of this forum, and had the pleasure of meeting Don at one of the local meet...
    4. Punchabearinnamouf


      Believe it or not I have never been to Ocean City haha But I always have at least one with me, so I'd definitely look you up if I were in the area. Especially since you helped me get started with balisongs :party29: You lucky lucky man. I'm guessing the Filipino quarter is a little softer...
    5. Punchabearinnamouf

      Moving to Pax River area...

      Welcome from SoMD! :toothless:thumbsup:
    6. Punchabearinnamouf


      I recently got a Bearops B-200 And ordered a Bradley Kimura V last week. This one is also on it's way from I fell in love with these things about a year ago and I'm getting all my friends into it haha I should take a picture of my collection some time. Johnny, I love your...
    7. Punchabearinnamouf

      My Son calls this "The Commie Gun." (big pics...)

      Holy crap man! You are lucky as hell to have that. I want one but they're way out of my range for now. Nice gun! :thumbsup:
    8. Punchabearinnamouf

      7.62x54r great price

      Damn, missed the boat on this one! That's what I get for not checking in haha
    9. Punchabearinnamouf

      Breaking in the C&R....hard

      Damn man! If you're gonna do it, better do it right huh? Nice start :thumbsup:
    10. Punchabearinnamouf

      Man Arrested at Burchmart

      Burchmarts seem to attract model citizens for whatever reason.
    11. Punchabearinnamouf

      Do you plan on Getting your CCW Permit

      Soon as I can. Hopefully there's not much red tape haha I don't have the resources of some people.
    12. Punchabearinnamouf


      A lot of the links that came up when searching about the CCW ruling pointed here. I see us at the top of a lot of gun-related searches. :thumbsup:
    13. Punchabearinnamouf


      Voted and donated! This is great news! :D:thumbsup::D:thumbsup::D:thumbsup:
    14. Punchabearinnamouf


      Dude! I just got MEGA balisong envy! Awesome collection :thumbsup:
    15. Punchabearinnamouf

      Looking For a Bowie Knife

      Yea I'm with you. I was a knife guy before I was a gun guy :D And make sure you video tape the Prius cutting in the style of a Cold-Steel promotional. *cue rock music* *run up and start chopping through the car* *slow motion replay of the chopping* *dramatic pause as you put the knife in...
    16. Punchabearinnamouf

      Looking For a Bowie Knife

      Do some looking around, not on Cold Steel. I saw it for $200 and less in other places.
    17. Punchabearinnamouf

      Looking For a Bowie Knife

      Holy crap that Loredo is impressive! Do want! :drool:
    18. Punchabearinnamouf

      Looking For a Bowie Knife

      That thing is purty!:thumbsup:
    19. Punchabearinnamouf

      New Shooting Range in St. Mary's County

      Dude I was just thinking about this the other day! Awesome that you're going ahead with it! Tell the Sheriff I said hey. :D:thumbsup:
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