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    1. basscat

      Buying ammunition online?

      I have been buying ammo from target USA for years and have never had a single issue with them. I get exactly what I order, packaged well and usually arrives in 3 days.
    2. basscat

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      If an officer ask if you have any weapons in the car then you must disclose it then. You can't lie. They ask all the time now. That's how they get around the no duty to inform.
    3. basscat

      Grissley murder is SOMD

      No link. Heard it through some investigators.
    4. basscat

      Grissley murder is SOMD

      Before she was caught, she tried jumping of the TJ bridge.
    5. Solid wood dining table

      For sale Solid wood dining table

      58" x 42" solid table with 10" leaf. Table and chairs need to be refinished. Good project for those that are into wood working. Approximately 50 years old. Asking $75
    6. basscat

      Sporting clay ranges

      Delmarva does sporting clays.
    7. basscat

      River Hill HS on lockdown

      Kid with a AR15? How convient. Just in time for elections.
    8. basscat

      Medusa Update (nuptials!)

      The stuffed ham was also good.
    9. basscat

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Mine is practically a carbon copy of yours. Picked up my permit from the mail box 10 minutes ago.
    10. basscat

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      I count at least 10 approvals here today.
    11. basscat

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Another 7/21 here Submitted. 7/17 Approved 7/21 Nics 8/09 Approved. 8/26. Today! Now I just wait for the mail man.
    12. basscat

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted. 7/17 Accepted. 7/21 Nics. 8/9
    13. basscat

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted - 7/17 Accepted - 7/21 No nics number yet. That makes 18 days since accepted. Definitely slowing down.
    14. basscat

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Accepted 7/21 and crickets so far.
    15. basscat

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      From the last several posts, the app numbers show no consistency. Numbers don't seem to be sequential based on dates.
    16. basscat

      Post 6/23/2022 MD Wear & Carry Permit Application

      I'm also having a similar problem. They keep saying that they emailed me an authorization code but nothing shows up. I can't proceed any further on my app.
    17. basscat

      Skeet Shooting

      First post is to complain about shooting in the country. Hopefully not a Karen.
    18. basscat

      Florida CWP

      You'll also need to submit prints. I believe they only accept them from a law enforcement agency.
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