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    1. boothdoc

      Local oaks are dying

      I am starting a second batch of acorns. Meanwhile the first batch is going well.
    2. boothdoc

      Metal Detecting

      Beautiful find. Enjoy.
    3. boothdoc

      Local oaks are dying

      More of my Oaks.
    4. boothdoc

      Local oaks are dying

      I have noticed the same thing and I have started to plant more oaks all the time.
    5. boothdoc

      Form 1 Disapproved

    6. boothdoc

      2021 Machine Gun Registration

      Submitted mine on 5/23 , got the email saying it was submitted same day and on 12/19 got the same email as above saying it is approved. No contact from anyone during this time, I haven’t gotten anything else either. Almost 7 months but it is before we need to redo it, lol.
    7. boothdoc

      Anyone built a lefty AR?

      Stag arms. I have a few lefty ARs and they all run well no burps at all.
    8. Safes For Sale CHEAP They All Must Go!!!!

      Question by 'boothdoc' on classified ad 'Safes For Sale CHEAP They All Must Go!!!!'

      Information on the bank door??? PM specifics.
    9. boothdoc

      Revolver porn thread.

      I try to not keep them I a foam case because I found those don’t work for storage but really only for transporting. I will look at the gun wrap.
    10. boothdoc

      Revolver porn thread.

      So question for the collectors out there. How do you store your old pistols? Do you store nickle and blued ones the same way?
    11. boothdoc

      1911 Gun Porn

      Cleaning my WWI and WWII set. I love the old nickle plating. 6pistol same serial number set.
    12. boothdoc

      Supreme Court remits MD assault weapons ban back to lower courts in light of Bruen vs. NY ruling

      Wasn’t he also a felon in that case?? I need to look this one up
    13. boothdoc

      When carrying: What’s the law say about putting down a suffering deer or other animal if hit in a car accident?

      I ok got a call last year that one of our company trucks had stopped and cut the head off a deer hit by a car in front of everyone. Needless to say I had to call the guys and tell please do this off hrs. He said but it was a nice ten point rack.
    14. boothdoc


      Lol, not practical??? I think it very practical and a cool build.
    15. boothdoc

      What gun for first time carrying on a Maryland permit?

      I don’t know if he made it back or not. The bread section might have got him also
    16. boothdoc

      What gun for first time carrying on a Maryland permit?

      What out for the vegetable section. They can be aggressive at times.
    17. boothdoc

      Motorbike Punks on the B&A Trail

      It is just like Mad Max the original. It will just get worse until the citizens have had enough and rebel against the lack of enforcement of the law.
    18. boothdoc

      Lab Pup wanted

      Have you tried
    19. boothdoc

      20 home defense

      Thanks everyone as always. She has a 9mm AR setup already. Clown Guy, lol, good selection as well. I think that is perfect for his hobbit future wife.
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