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    1. Half-cocked

      Carroll County no dump passes with tax bill

      All but one of the county commissioners voted to eliminate the free coupons. Saying it was "costing the county" too much money (estimated $200K per year). Now a lot of folks are just going to dump their trash illegally on the roadsides, meaning the county will have to pay MORE money to send...
    2. Half-cocked

      Trudeau announces ban on 1500 types of 'assault-style' firearms-effective immediatley

      American leftists are going to be watching how this plays out, to get their playbook ready.
    3. Half-cocked

      Perdue Chicken Sell Day

      I made some yummy chicken piccata just last night. Stir-fry chicken. Teriyaki chicken. Chicken Tikka Masala. Creamy chicken & veggies in the slow cooker. Chicken enchiladas. Shredded chicken BBQ. You could never run out of recipes using chicken.
    4. Half-cocked

      Groundhog under shed

    5. Half-cocked

      You too can learn to hate 'Cheaper Then Dirt'

      What's 7.62x39 going for lately?
    6. Half-cocked

      Ramps should be popping up soon!

      I think they're a wild type of spring onion?
    7. Half-cocked

      Steyr M95/30 need help

      It's a BLAST! :D
    8. Half-cocked

      Steyr M95/30 need help

      There's an arch-shaped piece of steel in the bolt assembly that acts as a spring, and pushes into a detent to keep the bolt locked in the extended position. Over time a lot of these lose their tension, and the bolt won't stay extended, which makes it impossible to re-install in the receiver...
    9. Half-cocked

      Reusing N95 Masks

      I have 20 N95 masks; if one of our household (4 people at the moment) gets it, they won't last through the whole contagious period. I will re-use them if, and when, they're needed; 170F oven for 10 minutes should kill any virus particles. Obviously if there is any degradation of the mask's...
    10. Half-cocked

      Liberals looking for guns

      Please don't arm the liberals. It will only make it that much harder to catch them and eat them, when the time comes.
    11. Half-cocked

      Preparing For Spreading Coronavirus

      Today's count: COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance* Total cases: 10,442 Total deaths: 150 Jurisdictions reporting cases: 54 (50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands) ...not looking good. That first set of numbers was from 16 days ago. In another two weeks, we could...
    12. Half-cocked

      Liberals looking for guns

      Nobody who has waited until this point to suddenly decide they need a gun, has any business getting one. There are far too many morons and clowns out there who, without someone to teach them properly, will most likely injure or shoot themselves, or a loved one.
    13. Half-cocked

      Preparing For Spreading Coronavirus

      That's some Nazi-level ******** right there.
    14. Half-cocked

      Wounder deer

      I know it's a typo, but I just had to visualize that for a moment... :D
    15. Half-cocked

      Guns Destroyed, Recourse?

      "Destroyed"... right. MY bet is that they're in the possession of one of AA County's finest. Report them as stolen to the BATF.
    16. Half-cocked

      Carroll County Zoning Letter- Untagged Vehicles

      Find out if there are any open house weekends coming up for that property. Then, on those days only, put out some big signs saying... well, be creative. Makes sure the signs are taken down so when Mr. Big Daddy Real Estate complains to the county and they send someone out (again) they won't...
    17. Half-cocked

      Timonium Gun Show

      $12 pit beef sandwiches and $3 bottled water? Shut up and take my money!!!
    18. Half-cocked

      Preparing For Spreading Coronavirus

      Today's CDC infection/death count: COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance* Total cases: 80 Total deaths: 9 States reporting cases: 13 From
    19. Half-cocked

      Preparing For Spreading Coronavirus

      That number includes people repatriated from other countries with the disease, the actual number of people acquiring the disease within the US or coming back then developing the illness is around 60. See above URL for the numbers breakout.
    20. Half-cocked

      Preparing For Spreading Coronavirus

      Bookmark this URL: ...CDC will update this each day at noon; numbers are based on the previous day's data which closes out a 4PM, so the numbers might not include additional cases reported since that time.
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