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      Sporting clays setup

      Another thing of note, small pellet size will spread quicker than a larger pellet size. So, those #9 pellets will open up the pattern a lot quicker than the #7.5.
    2. F

      Sporting clays setup

      There is IC and IM. Guessing your IMP is referring to IC. OP - I would shoot the #7.5 loads out of IC or M. You should do just fine with it. Modified can kill almost every clay out there. When I shoot sporting clays, I carry three shells with me: AA red hull - 1 1/8oz #8 at 1090 AA silver...
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      I’m new to shotguns could someone please help?

      Are you implying that if he did an intro he would stick around longer? My guess is he is new to firearms. He is looking for a shotgun, rimfire rifle, and maybe a centerfire rifle to round out the "collection". I still haven't done my intro. "Hey there guys, I'm fabsroman. I live in Carroll...
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      I’m new to shotguns could someone please help?

      I actually mentioned Littlestown and the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month. They were amenable to it. Probably going to bring my son, daughter, brothers, and dad along too if they have the time. My daughter is shooting some, but not well enough to shoot sporting clays. However, watching will help...
    5. F

      Youth shooting

      Did you ever find anything? I can see my 10 year old daughter and 14 year old son being interested in this too. They are bugging me to take them shooting, but that probably isn't going to happen until this summer and it will most likely be at Littlestown. I was just looking at the high school...
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      I’m new to shotguns could someone please help?

      Guess the OP missed all the times you guys asked him what his intended use was. I was talking to my neighbor this morning at the bus stop. He has a Remington 870 and really likes it for the home, but he started talking o/u for shooting clays. I tried to hide my SHOCKED face. Found out he has...
    7. F

      MSP advisory on AR pistols with braces

      I think this is it right here. Seems like MSP is taking a position that the Maryland interpretation of law pertaining to these firearms remains the same, but advising that people follow ATF regulations so they do not find themselves in trouble with the ATF.
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      PTP gets pulled over

      He missed his chance to get $10,000,000.
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      Waterfowl 2022-2023

      Saw a first today, snow geese in Carroll County about 3 miles from my house. About 20 of them were mixed in with a group of 40 Canadian geese on a pond by me. The snows were there all day and at sunset they were out in a field feeding on grass. It reminded me of when I saw four tundra swans...
    10. F

      How to have my daughter get my AR-15 and "high capacity" pistol after I die... Thoughts?

      Everything has been covered and this is exactly how you do it. Even if Bianchi overturns the assault weapon ban, I would still put the make, model, and serial in my Will if I wanted somebody to get a specific gun. It removes all doubt. Edit to add: The entire reason I came to this forum was to...
    11. F

      Home Invasion and Murder in Eastern HoCo

      This wasn't "felony murder", it was straight up murder. 1st degree or 2nd degree murder. So, he is getting charged with murder, even if the Young People Protection Act (HB 1180) had been passed before this happened. I am guessing that you do not understand the difference between felony murder...
    12. F

      MSI v. Hogan - The Challenge Against the Handgun Qualification License Proceeds

      When it gets overturned, I am calling Brian at SCSGs and seeing how much a Beretta 92X Performance and Colt Python are going to cost me. I'll probably buy both. Might buy a Beretta 80X too if it will not result in divorce. Of course, when I told my wife about Bruen, her response was, "So, you...
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      What to do with rifles chambered in 300 WSM and 338 Win Mag?, ammo is difficult to find.

      Any thought about putting a .300 Win Mag barrel on the .338 Win Mag?
    14. F

      Waterfowl 2022-2023

      I have seen more geese in the last 3 days than I saw flying around all of hunting season. Had about 2,000 birds fly directly over my house today. Huge V after huge V, with a couple small Vs low enough that I could have killed some birds out of them. Saw a group of 300 to 400 working a cut...
    15. F

      AR-15 fired at 71 year old woman for hitting parked cars..

      What, you can't put rounds through the windshield with the car quartering toward you or from a 60 degree angle to the vehicle? As long as somebody isn't perpendicular to the windshield, rounds can be put into the windshield while not standing right in front of the vehicle. Sounds like a couple...
    16. F

      Waterfowl changes SB 327

      Fees are going up across the board and now it looks like there will be an added fee related to Sika deer hunting. Looks like there is going to be a stamp for Sika deer. All kinds of stamps nowadays. Bow, muzzleloader, bonus antlered deer, waterfowl, and now sika. Junior licenses are also going...
    17. F

      Waterfowl changes SB 327

      Here is 5-1502 as it stands now. Looks like this bill would add hunting as one of the possible uses. §5–1502. The purposes of the Heritage Conservation Fund are for the State to acquire conservation easements or a fee simple or other interests in: (1) Forestlands; (2)...
    18. F


      I miss reading your posts. Probably don't see you much because I tend to stay away from this forum nowadays. What you wrote makes sense. If I remember correctly, you are in Baltimore City. I view Baltimore City as a complete lost cause. Should just get rid of the police and let them do whatever...
    19. F


      Oral argument was at the end of October. Oral argument for Bianchi was December 6th or thereabout. So, another 6 weeks or so until we get that opinion. Fingers crossed. As far as this is concerned, I see no reason why a civilian should not be able to record a traffic stop, or livestream it. If...
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      Mayberry Not a Gun Club

      From what I saw when we shot there, I really like Littlestown. If I have time to shoot more this summer, I'll end up joining. The only issue I can see with Littlestown is shooting NFA items in Pennsylvania. Having to complete a Form 20 to take my SBS and SBRs to Littlestown would be a PITA...
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