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      Morgan state univ. Permit carry a gun?

      Would you rather be dead? "Go ahead and shoot/stab/beat me to death Mr. criminal, I'm not supposed to be carrying here". :eyeroll: If your carrying properly, the only way anyone will ever know is if you have to use it to save your own life.
    2. G

      CCW county parks

      But is it an actual law or just a policy/regulation. If it's a law, what's the penalty?
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      No "weapons" at MD BBQ Bash in Bel Air this weekend

      I went to the wine festival in bel air a few years ago and no weapons were allowed there either. They even had metal detectors and were searching bags. I had to leave my knife with security and picked it up when I left. Lots of people brought knives, they had a huge box full of them. I won't be...
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      Sig P365 holster FREE

      I'm in. Im planning on picking up a 365 soon.
    5. G

      Replacement w$C permits

      The law says the physical card has to be in your possession when carrying.
    6. G

      CCW Comfort

      I find the horizontal owb mag holders to be more comfortable. Also, put your phone in your front pocket, get a slimmer case if you need to.
    7. G

      If Russia acts a fool. When to leave the DMV?

      It doesn't matter where you go. If a nuclear war starts it will be the end of the world
    8. G

      NJ Court Denies LTC Applicant over Facebook Posts

      Not sure if I believe this. What were the posts? Link to news article or other sources? We are probably not getting the full story
    9. G

      Talk me out of a P365....

      What holster do you use with it? I'm going to be getting a 365 soon, haven't decided on the holster yet.
    10. G

      Horizontal Mag Carrier?

      I got these from Amazon Horizontal Magazine Concealed Carrier,Extra Single/Double Pistol Magazine Carrier Pouch with Safety Hook and Loop Tight fit for double stack mags but they are working ok so far. I will probably get something better eventually.
    11. G

      Private property with weapon screening

      Horseshoe casino does not allow any weapons. Security guard saw the clip of my knife in my back pocket one day and made me put it in my vehicle. She didn't see what else I had though :lol2: They have metal detectors set off to the side but I've never seen them being used.
    12. G

      OC traffic stop in O.C.

      No, getting the AG involved for no reason is poking the bear. Open carry by permit holders has not been an issue. No one has been arrested for it. This will just bring more attention to citizens carrying and they will push even harder to create more restrictions.
    13. G

      OC traffic stop in O.C.

      My thoughts as well, nothing good will come from this. I dont know why people insist on poking the bear.
    14. G

      Is HQL necessary if you already have MD gun permit and want to add concealed carry?

      They have been extremely quick approving hql's for permit holders. I applied for hql same day I was approved for carry permit, didn't even have the card yet. I got the approval letter less than an hour after I submitted my application.
    15. G

      Gun belt with steel core

      I got a Kore belt a few months ago. I really like it and it's holding up well so far. I love the ratcheting belts, I've tried other brands in the past and they didn't hold up. The kore is pretty heavy duty and should last.
    16. G

      Whats a fair price to sell this ar?

      650 max. Its used and the same thing could be built for less
    17. G

      Looking to hire a certified firearms instructor.

      Anyone can get a certification. Find someone that has years of real world experience.
    18. G

      Pistol in Car Dilemma

      I dont care what the law says, if someone's in my home I'm going to confront them. Whatever happens is up to them.
    19. G

      Good Samaritan Faces Charges

      Never heard of this. Does it apply to Maryland permit holders?
    20. G

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Received in mail today. 55 days from submission App#16xxx Permit# 0532xx Started: 6/23 Submitted: 7/10 Accepted: 7/21 NICS: 8/10 Approved: 8/29 Mailed: 9/1 Received: 9/3
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