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    1. K

      Redding competition seating die

      An advantage not discussed yet is that if you go to a bushing die brand/type (like Redding S type) you will be able to adjust neck tension. I have found this to be a significant precision loading/tuning variable in just about every single cartridge I load for.
    2. K

      Remington 541-T Sacrilege

      "razor slicing off tiny bits of plastic" ????
    3. K

      Gun Scrubber / Inflation or Greed?

      I'm aware that Amazon employs algorithms, it's what they are based on that irks me. Inflationinflationinflation. Cost of goods going up. Yeah, right. Energy (oil) companies posting record profits, car companies (Stellartis/Dodge) posting record profits, etc. etc., while us shmucks pay $4+ for...
    4. K

      Gun Scrubber / Inflation or Greed?

      Just an FYI . . . I use Birchwood-Casey Gun Scrubber spray when doing odd firearm related cleaning, especially action and trigger parts. I bought a 2-pack (2 x 10oz. each) from Amazon Prime last May for $11.99 + MD tax. Price for the SAME product on Amazon is now $23.60 + MD tax! Good news...
    5. K

      Question on reloading 223 Remington

      If by "performance" you mean muzzle velocity only, then the above info is good. However, if you are hand-loading, you may want to consider loading for improved precision rather than speed. If optimizing precision is your goal, while staying within published powder specs is strongly advised, you...
    6. K

      Hopewell Fish and Game Assoc. Groundhog Shooting Competition

      Will there be a open range practice / sight-in period immediately prior to the competition?
    7. K

      Cold Bore Shot, Barrel Length/Profile Effects questions

      "I would think a top barrel maker would straitened a barrel before even reaming it prior to rifling it." Top barrelmakers don't "straighten" barrels.
    8. K

      Remington 541-T Sacrilege

      My plastic 10-round Remington 541 mags are (I believe) a Remington product. (I think they are the same mags as for the 581 model.) I have modified them to be MUCH more reliable. This involves removing, tightening and re-installing the small metal clips at the top, as well as supergluing the...
    9. K

      Cold Bore Shot, Barrel Length/Profile Effects questions

      "Does stress relieving the barrel reduce the cold bore shot and follow-up shot deviation? Barrel stress is part of the manufacruring and material selection process. I do not know of any means to measure its effect other than a barrel that performs well. No two barrel perform exactly alike. This...
    10. K

      Two Kidds. One new, one cranky

      I and several other shooters who shoot 10/22's in competition have modified and/or polished the ramps on our 10 shot mags. Reliability can be much improved. (Probably a youtube on this?) Also, as the extractors wear down with use it's a good idea to replace them (Volquartsen part) every so often.
    11. K

      Walther P22, limp wristing, and hot ammo....

      My wife's P22 functions well with CCI MM (SP's and HP's) when kept clean and lubed. It will not function with the new Federal Punch self defense ammo.
    12. K

      ♠ RimFire PoRn ♠

      I don't shoot factory class, but imagine it's similar to the UL matches there. You might try contacting the match director - contact info on the ARA site - before the match to reserve a bench.
    13. K

      ♠ RimFire PoRn ♠

      Salisbury hosts both ARA Factory Outdoor and ARA Unlimited (UL) Outdoor matches ARA website ARA website: Schedule and Results ARA Club Listing for Salisbury GC...
    14. K

      ♠ RimFire PoRn ♠

      Nice group! Now take that rifle and ammo to . . . Factory class ARA 50 yard benchrest match tonight. 6:30pm Salisbury Gun Club.
    15. K

      Rimfire PRS and Rimfire Tactical Bench Rest at Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol this weekend.

      If the upcoming Bridgeville PRS/MARS and Tactical Benchrest matches are anything like last weekend’s matches at Quinton, they’ll be a lot of fun – but with BETTER WEATHER! The great turnout last weekend for both PRS/MARS and TacBR disciplines in Quinton enjoyed some fun stages and good shooting...
    16. K

      Rimfire Benchrest Matches in MD / DE / SE PA?

      Scanners Lake is a yes, IWLA York a no. Any others?
    17. K

      Reply to question by 'KRC' on the classified ad 'Free Lab'

      How is he with other dogs? Cats?
    18. K

      Rimfire Benchrest Matches in MD / DE / SE PA?

      I would like to identify rimfire benchrest matches in the MD, DE, south-eastern PA area. I am aware of the ARA sanctioned matches in Salisbury, MD, but I’m also interested in other sanctioned and non-sanctioned matches held at other clubs/ranges in the area (that may be open to non-members). If...
    19. K

      Need help finding

      Where/how is your stock broken? Can it not be repaired? I reinforced an XP-100 plastic stock by epoxying in a metal rod.
    20. K

      Need help finding

      .221 Fireball is a cartridge chambering. What kind of action/rifle are you seeking a stock for?
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