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    1. Wojo

      $799 New Colt HBAR 6721

      Botach licks bosack
    2. Wojo

      Meatless Mondays at St. Mary's College

      Dear Dean ________, I am concerned that meatless Monday may have been a significant contributor to my iron and protein deficiencies diagnosed last semester. Before i am forced to take the litigious route, i wanted to suggest that meat options are always available in our dining halls. I believe...
    3. Wojo

      Firearms season hunting

      sorry for the thread resurrection but I took some pics of the camping site on the yellow trail and friendship landing that nobody apparently knows is there. Appears it may still be used (or at least was recently cleaned up by the county). Snapped a picture of the sign that is there as well. It's...
    4. Wojo

      AIM has, darn, HAD, Manurhin MR 73's

      By the time I got the e-mail they were sold out... damn-it
    5. Wojo

      Where to look for hunting land

      If you want whitetail with rifle as you typed, that's gonna limit you a bit
    6. Wojo

      Chinese Type 53 Cleaning Rods

      Wish i could help, but i have 3 of them and not one has come with a cleaning rod. I know of at least 4 other guys ordering that did not have a cleaning rod either. Like catching a glimse of bigfoot, just not sure they actually exist.
    7. Wojo

      First arrests using SIG brace?

      Yup... Couldn't even be called a pistol. Its more the short barrel on a registered rifle lower that caused the issue... Or maybe it was the robbery
    8. Wojo

      Just Got It NOW!

      So my Polish K98 finally made it to the bunker... It's really dirty but no rust (aside from the bayonet lug which has a good amount of rust on it). It's been scrubbed of most polish markings with the exception of what most believe are polish proof marks. These Polish rifles are really hard to...
    9. Wojo

      COLT 6920 Oem1 and Oem2; brilliant

      Buddy has this on his mini... Prob available for ARs as well. Just remembered he txt me this link when he purchased...
    10. Wojo

      polish k98

      Not 100% sure now
    11. Wojo

      polish k98

      I think it was two but I may be wrong... the first gray blanket guy and that was never delisted. The second guy then pulled his down when he saw how high gray blanket went. Re posted with a high buy it now. Looked like it sold but I think that one is back... May be wrong.
    12. Wojo

      COLT 6920 Oem1 and Oem2; brilliant

      Pictures pictures pictures... I like the dissy
    13. Wojo

      COLT 6920 Oem1 and Oem2; brilliant

      Dissipator style upper?
    14. Wojo

      COLT 6920 Oem1 and Oem2; brilliant

      PSA already does that... Well, at least they seem like they are only worth a buck
    15. Wojo

      Trying to become an IP

      Poke the bear... go ahead
    16. Wojo

      More than 10?

    17. Wojo

      More than 10?

      Blow their mind and tell them you can still buy a 10 +1 in maryland
    18. Wojo

      Colt to produce 1903 pistols in limited numbers

      I'll have to check it out... Maybe it's something super cool :)
    19. Wojo

      Colt to produce 1903 pistols in limited numbers

    20. Wojo

      Colt to produce 1903 pistols in limited numbers

      It's about 15 years late but it looks like they are trying a few things in the last month or so. 1903s and the OEM line of the 6920s, i like it but what took so long?
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