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      Bond Arms DerrInger

      Our modification was to put a paper match head side in the middle of the stack. Light the other end of the match to act as a fuse. I may or may not have done this.
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      Pulling Bullet with struck primer

      The AGC range has collection containers for safe disposal of "dud" rounds. I don't know what happens to them. I would think most ranges have something similar.
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      What's it worth? Pair of 36 cal pistols....

      In my opinion the old black powder revolvers (70's & 80's) in general were made from softer steels and were not made as well as today's guns. My limited experience 2 cents worth. SASS/Cowboy action shooters shoot a lot. They are the people to ask when it comes to how black powder revolvers hold...
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      What's it worth? Pair of 36 cal pistols....

      In my estimation Uberti pistol quality has improved over the years. Any idea when these were made? $550 may be fair price to pay for the right buyer but you don't need to offer a fair price for an item that you don't really want. If the seller were to try to sell these to a gun shop he'd...
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      How many mags?

      If I had only one gun of a partIcular type I would want plenty of magazines to have as spares. For "redundant" guns of the same type I don't feel the need to stack spare magazines deeply. For older guns I definitely keep at least three magazines even though they are range toys - magazines for...
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      Make a smooth bore out of a rifle?

      I reamed out a rusty 54 caliber muzzleloader barrel. After reaming i used a brake cylinder hone and various jigs holding fine sandpaper. It was a lot of work. It turned out pretty good and groups well enough with patched round balls at 50 yards. But in all honesty it would likely have grouped...
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      If you purchase a gun from a FFL just over the state line and the 77R

      Note that Virginia state law requires that an out of state buyer needs to show two forms of ID when buying a long gun. Information on what is acceptable is available on the Nation's Gun Show web site.
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      Old Model Blackhawk trouble

      Is it possible that you had the gun at half-cock for loading and then lowered the hammer when you were done without going all the way back to full cock? That is one way to lock up a SAA action.
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      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      The [stuff inside hard brackets] is deleted text from the pre-existing law as I understand it.
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      Has Anyone Shot Both a 6-inch Ruger (Security-Six) and (GP-100)? Thoughts?

      I have a Ruger Speed Six in 38 Special with the more common 2.75" barrel. Great gun. I also thought about having the cylinder reamed to 357 but decided not to do it. Ruger has stated somewhere that the only difference between the 38 Special model and the 357 was the depth of the chamber and the...
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      Nam SKS Bring Back

      Sorry to hijack the thread - but did i miss the book announcement?
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      UPDATED UPDATE: Glock 20 Doesn’t Like the Good Stuff

      I saw one youtube video that tested the Federal 200 HST ammo. Out of a 4.5" EAA Witness it averaged about 1050 FPS. That doesn't seem very fast for 10mm.
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      Looking for basic defensive shotgun course in Central Maryland

      Does anyone know of a one day basic/beginner's defensive shotgun training class being offered in Central Maryland. I have looked around at a few training sites and didn't see anything on their calendars. It could be that the trainers are still inundated with the demand for W&C classes. Big...
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      May need another .380

      As an update I tried two ProMag magazines in my S&W 380 Bodyguard. From the very start I had the same problems as with S&W factory mags. I only shot a couple of mag's worth with multiple failures from each magazine and gave up. I went back to the range on Friday after installing the same Wolff...
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      Ruger GP 100 Cylinder Issue

      I just opened the cylinder on my GP100. The cylinder latch will not move with the cylinder open. Also the release pin in the recoil shield is flush with the face of the shield. Hope this helps.
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      The Times, They Are A Changin’ (Gun-wise)

      The SIG 239 very quickly became a favorite of mine too. Solid shooter, very reliable and enough weight to be easy to shoot. Since they were discontinued magazines are becoming harder to find so grab a couple extra before new factory mags become unobtainable.
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      Patriot Picket Civil Rights Suit FILED!

      The turnout and support at the "More Patriots than you have Handcuffs" rally was awesome. The message sent to Annapolis was epic. Now let the courts finish throwing the book at those that would restrict the 1A - this has been long overdue.
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      Ruger GP 100 Cylinder Issue

      Bit of dirt trapped under the ejector star?
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      Howard County Gun show 2/4-2/5 2023

      I was thinking about the shows at HoCo back in the "good old days". I carried a few guns home from there. I bought a Ruger Mini-14 GB at a show there just over 10 years ago. RIP Lou45. He was one of a kind. My how times have changed.
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