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    1. GuitarmanNick

      AR15 AR-15 Grip Storage

      Charging spoon, a few Allen keys, and spare batteries in each AR pistol grip.
    2. GuitarmanNick

      Not quite sure where to post this Strelok Plus ballistics software.

      It looks like there is no way for him to get paid for other versions at the present time. Glad you got it working.
    3. GuitarmanNick

      Not quite sure where to post this Strelok Plus ballistics software.

      The file can be downloaded from the Strelok website directly. I downloaded it yesterday and the file appears to be complete. It is already installed on my phone so I did not install it again.
    4. GuitarmanNick

      How many mags?

      I like to have 6 for each pistol, 5 for my .22 rifle, and at least 10 - 30 rounders for each 5.56 AR. I also prefer 20 round mags in the AR because it allows you to shoot from the prone position easier than with a 30. For my surplus pistols, at least 3 mags.
    5. GuitarmanNick

      Not quite sure where to post this Strelok Plus ballistics software.

      At least for Android, the app can still be downloaded and installed. Just gotta do it manually. Transferring data might require an app that allows you access to the OS files.
    6. GuitarmanNick

      FMJ Wissing Contest

      All plated bullets are not created equal. Berry's plated bullets are usually able to be loaded using the same charge as a comparable FMJ bullet. Always check the manufacturer's load data for plated bullets.
    7. GuitarmanNick

      Do you Prime and Prep Cases for Ready Service

      I generally keep lots of brass sorted and ready to load, but do not pre-prime any of it. Brass is clean, sized, checked for length, before being stored. Using a Lee single stage press, priming cases can be done easily during the loading process, and takes only a few seconds per case. I could...
    8. GuitarmanNick

      ATF's recent rule change on 80% receivers and frame kits overturned.

      The NRA has been absolutely worthless for several decades, IMO.
    9. GuitarmanNick

      Brass Catcher Selection Help

      I second this. They work very well, indeed.
    10. GuitarmanNick


      I carry one occasionally since they are both reliable and accurate. Love these little guns.
    11. GuitarmanNick

      Out of battery Holster?

      If the slide is forced back when the pistol is placed into the holster, it either is the wrong holster, or it is not properly broken in. Until the pistol goes in and out normally, I would not use it for carry.
    12. GuitarmanNick

      ♠ RimFire PoRn ♠

      Beautiful rifle, sir. Thanks for sharing.
    13. GuitarmanNick

      .223 brass for .556 loads?

      Just make sure that if you are loading to 5.56 pressures that you do not shoot them in a .223 marked barrel. The cases are identical, the main difference is chamber free bore with 5.56 being about twice as long as .223.
    14. GuitarmanNick

      AR9: Anyone have a Stern adapter (glock) or a AR glock lower to measure?

      Here are a couple of pics of a Glock mag locked into the adapter. Looks about the same to me. Yours may be slightly higher. What type of BCG cut do you have. Sounds like it is not cut right for the mags you want to use if it is hitting the adapter.
    15. GuitarmanNick

      AR9: Anyone have a Stern adapter (glock) or a AR glock lower to measure?

      I have used EndoMags with good results, but switched to a Stern Defense adapter to work with Glock mags. Neither system had any problems like you are experiencing. My build is direct blowback and has a hybrid cut(works with Glock or Colt style mags) BCG. I am unfamiliar with the CMMG system...
    16. GuitarmanNick

      9mm at distance

      My AR-9 pistol with a 10.5" barrel was built for a specific purpose, and works as intended. It is zeroed @ 100 yards and using 124 grain, 1150 FPS loads results in an arc of about 3-1/2" from barrel to target. I have been very pleased with it's accuracy within that distance, especially when...
    17. GuitarmanNick

      Hello from Sparks Maryland

      Welcome from Laurel.
    18. GuitarmanNick

      An excellent Mosin Day

      The M-44 is always fun at the range. Gotta love the fireballs. :thumbsup:
    19. GuitarmanNick

      Small revolvers as Backup/Carry Guns?

      To each, his own. There is no right or wrong choice, IMO. As conditions change, choices may evolve. Factors vary for everyone, making this something that most have considered in detail, and reevaluate regularly. I see no need for me to carry a backup of any kind. It would only be needed in the...
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