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      How to add HQL to Carry Permit?

      The HQL form looks like it was wriiten by done amateur in the 1990s. Absolutely clunky and non intuitive. Sent from my SM-A526U using Tapatalk
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      NY Now Demanding Guns be Disabled & Locked Up at Home

      ^This. While blacks may be utterly beholden to the Democrat party, many have applied for their carry permits. The prospect of losing this hard won right hits them where it will hurt them and may tip the balance away from the Dims.
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      Pocket Holster Carry

      I use a ComforTac for my Kel-Tec PF-9 "George Zimmerman Special". I keep it in my front right pants pocket and it works great. I also keep it in the inside pocket of my motorcycle jacket sometimes.
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      New York Gun law partially struck down

      Suck it Hochul!
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      HQL Limbo

      I did and it does.
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      HQL Limbo

      I applied as permit exempt 10/27. Still no movement. Thank God I already have firearms. I'd be going crazy if I didn't. Sent from my KFMAWI using Tapatalk
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      Enjoying the new "normal" at McDonald's

      I have a black friend who is thrilled about the Bruen decision and asked to put me down as a reference for his HGP application. Unfortunately he's a knee jerk Democrat who will do anything to keep the man who actually made it possible from becoming president again in 2024, but and for that...
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted by 8/2 Accepted 8/26 NICS 10/21 Approved 10/27 : 22HGP-0809XX Delivery USPS 11//2/22 Sent from my KFMAWI using Tapatalk
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Yeah, I log in every day. It's still showing as "Pending".
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      I applied for the HQL the day my permit was approved on 10/26 and it's still pending. :mad54:
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      I was approved on Oct 27 but so far nothing in the mail.‍ :shrug: I also have USPS informed delivery and nothing there for today. Hopefully tomorrow.
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      Retention level for OWB carry to prevent gun grab

      Agreed. However it was the only option for me as both of my carry pistols have been discontinued and Serpa is the only one making them for mine. I'd much rather prefer one of those newer twist-to-release holsters but alas, I will have to buy a new carry gun for that.
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      Retention level for OWB carry to prevent gun grab

      On the (very rare occasion) that I would opt for open carry, I'm interested to see what everyone else is doing. Please post. There seems to be a lot of disagreement as to what constitutes the various retention levels To me: Level 0 (some consider this level 1) = friction only Level 0.5 =...
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      Wear and Carry Permit Application

      I have a friend who got a DUI about 10 years ago or so. He got it expunged. We attended the same wear and carry class and he was approved the same day as me. Sent from my KFMAWI using Tapatalk
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      I submitted mine this afternoon but nothing. I didn't attach any documents. Do we need to upload any?
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      Application progress banter thread

      Approved today at 13:00!
    17. T

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Woohoo! Submitted 8/22 Accepted 8/26 NICS 8/21 Approved 10/27 13:00 Card in hand --- 22HGP-0809XX
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      Application progress banter thread

      They're starting to approve 8/26 today, which I am. The suspense is killing me!
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      Application progress banter thread

      I'm also a ham. However I never post my callsign because anyone can look up my address. I might need to get a P.O. Box. They should require you to login with valid FRN credentials in order to access the callsign lookup. That would eliminate a lot of the risk of being doxxed.
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      Is MD looking to ban body armor?

      Good to know. That said, we're still technically not allowed back on the street with an expired vest.
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