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    1. D

      Ccw md assigned for background investigation

      that's really not too bad , a few months ago it was six months or better . sounds like you're on the way there .
    2. D

      Maryland Arm’s Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/18-3/19, 2023

      only for long guns , pistols not allowed in state .
    3. D

      HENRY .45-70 RECALL (recently mfg.)

      thanks for the head's up , luckily mine is not on the list .
    4. D

      Got a delivery of hen's teeth today.

      thanks !
    5. D

      Got a delivery of hen's teeth today.

      if i can ask , where from ? i might be up for some myself with loaded ammo 65 to 80 a box . thanks , dan
    6. D

      What did I get into?

      you can still get black powder , it's just hard to find . i'd call clyde's sports shop on the other side of town first , ( hammonds ferry road ) if not shyda's in harrisburg ...
    7. D

      Brass Catcher Selection Help

      brass goat works pretty well , just low capacity .
    8. D

      Primer Notifications

      brownells is showing both cci and federal primers in stock .
    9. D

      Will recent news make you think twice?

      this , my instructor pounded this home time and time again both days , you need all four to be considered a " legal " defensive shooting , especially in communist md.
    10. D

      Judge Blocks New Jersey Ban on Guns at Beaches, Casinos

      now i can't unsee that !
    11. D

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      any idea how long this decision will take ? it's been forever already and still nothing ?
    12. D

      2023 Glock Resolution

      me too ! LOL
    13. D

      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      good , you transfer all your's to me ,i'll transfer all mine to you , problem solved !
    14. D

      What did you do at your reloading bench today?

      never complain about the wife "claiming " your gun , just gives you a chance to buy another one .
    15. D

      I need a flashlight

      that's a bargin !
    16. D

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      plus one !
    17. D

      6.5 Grendel at 965yds

      p[lus one
    18. D

      Best way to insulate handgun floor safe

      it will warm up after the first clip
    19. D

      Leather vs plastic holster

      thanks for the reply , looking at something but didn't commit , will revisit it .
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