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    1. Sewer Rat

      Seeking builder recommendations

      Square boxes are easy, compound angles takes experience and skill.... something thats been lacking from our shores for a very long time....
    2. Sewer Rat

      Stupid boat people

      As a former owner of a go-fast (clocked at 87 mph during a poker run on the St Lawrence River), with experience on Lake Ontario... and then a 22ft cc going in and out of Jupiter inlet when we lived in FL.... Yes, there are plenty of dipshits that have money and think they can "drive" a boat...
    3. Sewer Rat

      New gun shop opening soon in Frederick

      Bob was my "go to" guy when we lived in Fredneck.. still stop in when we are downtown.... 2A guns, are great guys too, bought a couple of handguns and did some transfers there when we first moved to WV....
    4. Sewer Rat

      New gun shop opening soon in Frederick

      OMG, there are like six throughout Fredneck....
    5. Sewer Rat

      Route 340 Jefferson County Possible Closure Sep-Dec 2022

      Bailey type bridge is a ludicrous idea... not substantial enough, plus costs to mod approaches on both sides... Shepherdstown people already up in arms over the potential traffic.... but realistically, it will be mainly the people that already use that route... I run through town to 230 to...
    6. Sewer Rat

      Hafers WV

      Yeah, was there a couple of weekends ago...
    7. Sewer Rat

      .41 Mag for Deer Hunting

      Have hunted with a Ruger SBH bisley 41mag and one in 45lc for years.... FL and GA... never an issue. Always a pass through.... not sure why you are shooting the boar through the snout... hell, I've seen a 17hmr take pigs out...
    8. Sewer Rat

      Hafers WV

      Anyone been to the new store yet? Noticed it the other day after doing some scouting in MD for bear...
    9. Sewer Rat

      2021 bear lottery is open

      After 12 yrs of living in MD and applying since I was able.... I finally get in AFTER we moved to WV..... Looking for farms now. No figuring on record book bruins, just pop control and meat. Been a very very long time since bear meat has graced my grill... Good luck to all of you others
    10. Sewer Rat

      High(er) Quality AR15 LPKs Go the way of Hen's Teeth?

      That is how I started the "collection", only I use the ziplock snack bags... It's funny though, started a build last night, discovered that I misplaced the roll pin stash.... try to find roll pins now LOL
    11. Sewer Rat

      Starting to plan my escape to's Martinsburg?

      Right behind you.... I only waited as long as I did for the youngest to graduate HS... When we moved to the Mid-A from FL, looked at all the states... everything was pretty much even in regards to moneys (taxes), figured WV was too far and my time was more important to me.... Then MD changed...
    12. Sewer Rat

      New Gun store in Urbana?

      Oh sure... and just when I am moving to WV....
    13. Sewer Rat

      File paperwork, now moving...

      After reading these and checking with regs.... decided to cancel and will resubmit after the move in January... sucks because I am back at step one... Thanks all
    14. Sewer Rat

      File paperwork, now moving...

      Sent in the paperwork for my suppressor a month or so ago... then found the "perfect" house for kid and fiancee in Martinsburg.... Honestly, hadn't gone online to look, but does anyone know what I need to do know? Wait and then transfer to myself in WV? Or do some kind of amendment and change...
    15. Sewer Rat

      Monocacy NRMA & Muzzleloaders:

      LOL he wasn't the only one.... have kayaked and canoed from the bridge... have been avoiding the area due to the pandemic, figured it would be crowded... may have to check it out next week when I am on huntcation...
    16. Sewer Rat

      Starting to plan my escape to's Martinsburg?

      We just bought a place outside of Martinsburg, between there and Shepardstown.... close enough to Fredneck and Hagerstown for my son's hockey, right on the fiance's route... a little too close to morons for my taste, but it gets me out of MD... We looked everywhere... Gerradstown was my...
    17. Sewer Rat

      Shiloh Sharps 1874

      Was there Friday night.... It's beautiful.... Bob knows both previous owners of the gun....
    18. Sewer Rat

      Online Suppressors

      Yeah, I did some more digging into it last night.... Thankfully I didn't purchase any after several mezcal drinks :) Going to save my pennies (with son wanting to go to PSU main campus, it may be a long time LOL) and keep with the form1s... Thanks
    19. Sewer Rat

      Online Suppressors

      OK, Have built two form1s, but looking to expand the collection.. A good buddy of mine, his son-in-law is a dealer for firearms n suppressors... he gets great deals on his... But he was telling me that there are lots of online deals, used suppressors.... But that brings me to another...
    20. Sewer Rat

      Mag fed, especially bullpup style

      Thank you Gentlemen.... As I thought, it's more of a "toy" or novelty... But they still look cool :)
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