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    1. E.Shell

      A new sign?

      Just wait a little longer, the older you get the less it will matter.
    2. E.Shell

      Cold Bore Shot, Barrel Length/Profile Effects questions

      Due to the twist-drill boring used even today, the bore is a long spiral, even in a top-quality "straight" barrel. This is why aligning the reamer to the throat produces reliably precise barrels, while aligning the reamer to the muzzle, like running between centers in the olden days, is...
    3. E.Shell

      Cold Bore Shot, Barrel Length/Profile Effects questions

      Unless there is something WRONG with the barrel: ^^ This ^^ We have proved this time and again, where a 'cold shooter' blows the first shot, but if you put a shooter that has warmed up on a cold rifle, somehow that first shot goes into the group. About every 3rd or 4th class we'd have a...
    4. E.Shell

      First post…

      LOL, nice intro! Welcome aboard!
    5. E.Shell

      Your three (concealed carry) gun set-up

      Hey, you know how it is: Some days you just feel pretty.
    6. E.Shell

      GMRS Base Radio Questions

      LOL, no, but you might die if your request for vital aid can't make it over some clueless individual playing with their radio. No one will. The rules DO allow for emergency use on normally unauthorized frequencies, but DIRE emergencies, literally life & death. No one expects anyone to hump...
    7. E.Shell

      GMRS Base Radio Questions

      You apparently misconstrue what I had said, but we can always use extra drama.
    8. E.Shell

      GMRS Base Radio Questions

      No harm "just to listen", because just listening doesn't disrupt potential emergency commo by skilled operators. It is good to have a backup plan. The problem with this specific approach is that people who will be legitimately trying to communicate using accepted procedures will be interfered...
    9. E.Shell

      Your three (concealed carry) gun set-up

      A pair of P365Xs and, very occasionally anymore, a CZ PCR.
    10. E.Shell

      Punch Block

      VERY NICE! Might I suggest a rectangular block shape for your next example? Easier to reach the punches and also more shelf-friendly. You might also vary the depth of the holes - deeper holes in front, more shallow holes in back.
    11. E.Shell

      FMJ Wissing Contest

      An example we can ALL relate to... Agreed, definite difference.
    12. E.Shell

      Sight Alignment and Sight Picture for varied distances

      50 yards is kind close to alter anything, but for longer ranges, I modify sight alignment by bringing the front sight blade up above the top of the rear sight. You can learn to judge pretty easily. The boys that used to work the Allegheny Sniper Challenge shoot their iron-sighted 1911s out to...
    13. E.Shell

      Who's getting in some fishing?

      Hit some millponds in DE.
    14. E.Shell

      Feedback posted by E.Shell on willtill

      Smooth deal, item as adverstised. A pleasure doing business with you! Thanks Will.
    15. E.Shell

      FMJ Wissing Contest

    16. E.Shell


      Did you catch where he predicted this?
    17. E.Shell

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      Sounds pretty good so far. Will the front rail accept a light, a dot, a laser and a spare mag?
    18. E.Shell

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      Yup, and easier than you think.
    19. E.Shell

      Does Everyone Have a Mooch

      Being a mooch is not necessarily the same as being a recipient of someone's generosity, although it can be.
    20. E.Shell

      Does Everyone Have a Mooch

      Aye. I put up with my share over the years, but finally drew a line and learned to say "No" and mean it. Been a better life since I shrugged off the takers.
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