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    1. mac1_131

      Interesting Talk to with Moco police officer today about country directives w/ ccw

      Yeah that gun not registered to them thing is problematic. Will likely get them in trouble down the road. C&R, out of state permit holder, PMF that complied by 3/1/23, all kinds of legal carry situations that could bite them in the ass.
    2. mac1_131

      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      Read up, it's all here in this thread for you to see.
    3. mac1_131

      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      This is also a trap. There are some beer/wine/liquor stores that have on-premise licenses that are just retail sales only. Probably old grandfathered licenses but they exist. Right here in moco. How would one know the details of a retail store's license?
    4. mac1_131

      Current Moco carry restrictions

      More likely you were entered in the CAD (dispatch system) premise database as a result of your CLEO notification for the NFA stuff.
    5. mac1_131

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      That's weird. Sounds like it's his problem. I dunno, you're under no obligation to register when marked that way under the law. If it were me, I would not register it. You did your part. The law only requires it if marked the other way. IANAL.
    6. mac1_131

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      Why would you do a 77r? Not required if marked the "new" way with FFL number. Only required if marked the "old" way with maryland style number.
    7. mac1_131

      Shipping firearms to a gunsmith with FedEX and UPS changed rules?

      yes, according to the shippers web sites. The bigger hurdle is signing their firearms shipping agreement.
    8. mac1_131

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      It's interesting that their web site says to register the firearm after being marked the ATF way. That's wrong, isn't it? I thought if marked the ATF way registration was not required.
    9. mac1_131

      Reloading for Matches...specifically .308AR

      Look at the tactical heavy rules re bullet weight and speed (175gr, 2800fps) It's a thin needle to thread, and trying to avoid going subsonic out to 800 yards, and not getting excessive pressure. I had my AR10 kind of maxed out and decided it really wasn't going to be effective. YMMV
    10. mac1_131

      Is the Beretta 92FS Inox on the MD Handgun Roster?

      Used guns don't have to be on the roster. Just new purchases.
    11. mac1_131

      Purchasing a long gun out of state?

      No. Go for it.
    12. mac1_131

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      Great 24 page read. Mark had an answer for each and every incompetent response from the county. But by definition their response has to be incompetent because they don't have a leg to stand on.
    13. mac1_131

      New Software - Report Error Thread

      Don't seem to be able to access the marketplace from tapatalk. I know I'm logged in since I can access the WC. Seems fine from desktop. Any ideas? Tapatalk error message is "need valid forum ID".
    14. mac1_131

      Yet another "is this AR-15 URG/barrel legal in MD" thread... (Olympic Arms)

      No, unless the state can prove that they didn't.
    15. mac1_131

      Comms - HF

      I know, you just have to be able to receive mail there. It still works in most cases. And yes those criminal enterprises set up on HF rarely give their callsigns, but they know who they are.
    16. mac1_131

      Comms - HF

      The online info is a two-edged sword. The self-policing aspects of amateur radio really need it. You take that away, any chance of self-policing goes away and all falls to the FCC (who will not do it). On the other hand, there are some really bad actors out there. I have some experience with...
    17. mac1_131

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      I am fairly certain Elrich did indeed say they intend to enforce this law. I'll have to look though his email messages to find it. I hope the courts see through their doublespeak.
    18. mac1_131

      Basic MD Wear & Carry Question

      Ah but there is no such thing as a DC license. Or unicorns.
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