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    1. davsco

      Looking to get into AR precision shooting… also you might be interested in some 2 & 3 gun matches (handgun and AR and if 3 gun, shottie). peacemaker generally has two stages that go out to 500yds with the rifle. thurmont/tcsc goes out to 300 yds on one stage.
    2. davsco

      Looking to get into AR precision shooting…
    3. davsco

      Maryland to Tennessee Transfer

      don't think he can buy it (handgun)/take possession in md or va, even using a md or va ffl. you ship it to his ffl in tn.
    4. davsco

      Out of battery Holster?

      assuming the chamber is closed, shouldn't be that big of a deal? recoil springs are what, 15 +/- pounds?
    5. davsco

      Ticks carrying Heartland virus

      been pulling 5+ ticks off our golden retriever daily mostly everyday other than the brutally cold weather we had a while back. he a light color so they're easy to see. i get an inch of scotch tape and just sandwich them in it.
    6. davsco

      Finished .357Sig Polymer80 pistol

      looks real nice! i love the 357 sig round.
    7. davsco

      When a legislator says they are voting anti-gun...

      you 'almost' have to respect the guy for not lying to your face nor giving you some ambiguous answer... i'm not suggesting anyone do this, but if they got tarred and feathered, or worse, every time they passed clearly unconstitutional bullsh1t, they'd probably be less apt to pass more...
    8. davsco

      Anyone ever send knives back to buck for repairs?

      i've had one with the tip snapped off (buck pelvis) sitting around for at least a few years now. keep meaning to send it in, worst they can do is trash it.
    9. davsco

      Don't Be This Guy

      any excuse to check out and take a pic of a guy's ass...
    10. davsco

      HB 704

      non-removable. that's some funny stuff right there. maybe they can embed them in the shell casings which apparently have never solved a crime.
    11. davsco

      Walmart Shopping - Can I carry a gun I didn't qualify with?

      i was going to say 'we need pics,' but in this case, we def don't want pics. also, are you even allowed to own a gun you didn't qualify with?
    12. davsco

      Preparing for dog attacks--pay attention!

      i thought the whole point of dog parks was to let them run around, unleashed... never been to one though. our current golden retriever, #4, we cannot break of his chasing deer habit, so he is almost always on leash, vs our first three that were almost never on leash while we did our walks and...
    13. davsco

      Recent grad BSCS looking for work

      been a long time since i graduated from UMCP, but do they have any sort of placement lists or assistance for recent grads?
    14. davsco

      Va beach captain George’s.

      if everyone lived by the Golden Rule, wow what a great place we'd all have.
    15. davsco

      Va beach captain George’s.

      been some 20 years but Capn George's was one of the best seafood buffets i've ever had. tried to hit the one in williamsburg a year or two ago but it was closed at the time.
    16. davsco

      3 raped in Towson.

      i'll say it again, all this anti-gun bullsh1t, and the bad guys are catch and release.
    17. davsco

      Trip to CO/Denver just fyi, not sure if this helps you or not. that sentence in your title 18 post is some ambiguous crap. are they talking about having it in a holster? i don't think they want you 'carrying' it in your hands. personally if you have it in a case i'd...
    18. davsco

      Shipping firearms to a gunsmith with FedEX and UPS changed rules?

      you can ask cajun, but i 'think' if they send you a label, you can ship via ups or fedex.
    19. davsco

      Shipping firearms to a gunsmith with FedEX and UPS changed rules?

      yeah non-ffl's cannot ship handguns via usps, only long guns.
    20. davsco

      Why is there a SB001 and a SB0118?

      Why is there a SB001 and a SB0118? because f_cking you once isn't good enough for them.
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