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      If you sell a firearm and provide a receipt of sale what info is needed...

      I downloaded files for gun purchase receipts
    2. D

      Disposition of Unfinished 80%s post 3/1/23?

      Just because you purchased a Polymer 80 frame doesn't mean you still have it. There is no law against selling/gifting an unfinished frame
    3. D

      S.L.C.F.S.A gun show March 11 & 12

      That question is asked for every venue that's mentioned in a thread. Maybe check their website?
    4. D

      Disposition of Unfinished 80%s post 3/1/23?

      ^^THIS explains the OPs logic. As I've worried about in the past, too many gun owners will comply and quickly walk back on their "I will not comply" bravado.
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      ATF's recent rule change on 80% receivers and frame kits overturned.

      Seems like every gun owner feels obligated to support the NRA without any due diligence. Even members here would harp on and on about joining and how they were life members. I realized the uselessness and corruption of the NRA 12 yrs ago, 3 years after buying my first handgun and happily...
    6. D major data breach: email, password, name, address, birthday, and more.

      Location doesn't matter if the Search is done correctly
    7. D

      Eating 25 Year Shelf-Life Survival Food For Fun

      Many avid outdoor people eat freeze-dried and dehydrated foods for camping/hiking, etc. It isn't and shouldn't be an issue
    8. D

      Most popular Guns for Conceal Carry

      Worthless thread. Very few things based solely on sales yields useful, fact-based info
    9. D

      Posting an ad in the classifieds????

      Now that's FUNNY. I don't care WHO ya are!!
    10. D

      Carry at Kennedy Krieger downtown?

      What's the Bayview ER to do with taking one's child to KK? I've been going to Bayview and JHH downtown regularly the !ast few years and neither have any in the hospital proper.
    11. D

      Carry at Kennedy Krieger downtown?

      Kennedy Krieger is associated with Johns Hopkins. Very likely their policies would be same. Even Hopkins has no metal detectors, but you could call KK as a concerned parent.
    12. D

      Protecting Your Self From EMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Here we go, all over again....
    13. D

      UNEXPECTED DATABASE ERROR, couldn't log on briefly.

      Useless thread that suggests the admins have no idea how to run their sites
    14. D


      Check out the online gun dealers and GunBroker, Armslist etc. then make sure they're actually selling at the asking prices. Easy peasy
    15. D

      Don't Be This Guy

      Yes, people will......
    16. D

      Centerfire Systems won't ship C&R Parts kits to MD

      Yep, their house their rules. Add 'em to the blacklist
    17. D

      Challenging ATF Brace Rule

      Agree. I'm still trying to see all those "I will not comply" keyboard commandos
    18. D

      Morgan state univ. Permit carry a gun?

      Could have looked it up himself. The forum will continue to be inundated with "can I carry here" threads
    19. D

      Does Costco Have A Problem with Carry?

      People have been asking the same questions here forever. I found it amazing that the OP asked a question that was easily answered in the very next post by a 15 second Internet search of his question that the OP apparently wouldn't do.
    20. D

      Shipping 10+ mags to myself?

      ^^THIS answers the question, under (b) Prohibited. Pretty straightforward IMHO.
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