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    1. Mightydog

      Patriot Picket Civil Rights Suit FILED!

      Rereading this thread made me join, donate and donate to the litigation fund. Great people doing great things to defend our rights. Man I miss Jeff. It’s been a long road and if I can I’ll be there for the finale. Good work guys!
    2. Mightydog

      Rehobeth Beach

      Next Sunday will be in Rehoboth for 5 days. Usually stay at the Boardwalk Plaza in an oceanfront “efficiency”. Prices have gotten crazy since covid even in off season. But it’s still the beach.
    3. Mightydog

      Chaps closed?

      Me too. Famous Dave’s brisket and a Guinness!
    4. Mightydog

      Do Not Sell Registry

      So HIPAA laws be damned?
    5. Mightydog

      Chaps closed?

      Never had bad bbq at Chubby’s in Emmitsburg. Worth the trip. Never too impressed with Black Hog.
    6. Mightydog

      Chaps closed?

      No loss. Seemed disorganized last time I went. I go to Mission across the street.
    7. Mightydog

      Online dealer purchase firearms with restricted mag to out of state FFL to MD

      Guess you didn’t read his whole post. Notice he mentions MD FFL also!
    8. Mightydog

      Online dealer purchase firearms with restricted mag to out of state FFL to MD

      And you are aware that the 23rd mags are illegal to purchase in or have delivered to Marylinistan? That’s why they refuse to send them to you. Marylinistan delivery address have to follow Marylinistan “rules” until the courts overturn them. Another “benefit of NOT living in free America.
    9. Mightydog

      Online dealer purchase firearms with restricted mag to out of state FFL to MD

      So are these just “hard to find” mags or “illegal in Marylinistan over 10 rd” mags? Did you ask the dealer if they would pin the mags to make them legal therefore allowing them to be shipped to Marylinistan? If not maybe find another dealer. One of our IPs. Seems we’ve had this discussion...
    10. Mightydog

      Fair price on an ugly shooter Garand

      Matching numbers? Where’d your friend get it from? CMP? I’d say $750 and up.
    11. Mightydog

      MilSurp Poncho/Liner

      Try Coleman’s for military surplus. Here’s this.
    12. Mightydog

      52 year old white man barred

      $9/16oz drafts and $8/cans. Kinda expensive for a small town pub.
    13. Mightydog

      52 year old white man barred

      Been there many times in the past….not overly impressed. Coffee shop down the street has better vibes IMHO.
    14. Mightydog

      AR-15 fired at 71 year old woman for hitting parked cars..

      So he shoots at the car crashing into his cars on his property and is arrested and charged with a felony?
    15. Mightydog

      Hql denial

      Welcome to the forum now go introduce yourself.
    16. Mightydog

      Question about selling ammo

      What’s the over/under on fastest time hit by Thor’s hammer?
    17. Mightydog

      Selling a Ruger Mark II .22 lr on consignment

      You do have enough posts now to sell this in the classifieds unlike your last gun. Good luck.
    18. Mightydog

      Handgun purchase

      If in Marylinistan must be on the “approved” roster unless C&R.
    19. Mightydog

      Hello from Frederick!

      Welcome from somewhere north of Frederick!
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