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    1. smdub

      Reloading .30 Cupfire in the 21st Century

      Saint, what is the OD and length of a cartridge? If you are interested in machining some metallic cases send me a PM.
    2. smdub

      Maryland Arm’s Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/18-3/19, 2023

      ^This. I'm 50. Was my first MACA show and *WOW* it was the oldest group of dudes I think I've even been around. The only way to bring new people into any club is to make it interesting for them. If you can't find (and convince) younger people to be interested in your product then the club...
    3. smdub

      Old Model Blackhawk trouble

      Most revolver actions are pretty simple. I've never been into a SA revolver but have been into a DA (GP100). Wasn't bad and the SA has to be simpler, right? :) If you don't have proper hollow ground gunsmithing screwdrivers don't take it apart yourself. Ruger would surely fix it for you too...
    4. smdub

      current ATF wait time

      Not trying to be argumentative. You didn't fully understand the process before. Just trying to keep you legal (and anyone else following along at home who is new to this process) I did not know if your receiver started as a braced pistol or not. Given the timing of the recent law and the flood...
    5. smdub

      current ATF wait time

      It needs to be your trusts exact full name. "XXXXXX TRUST" and "Trust of: XXXXXXX" are not the same thing. If your trust name is just "XXXXXXXX" then that is all you need to put and anything before/after is superfluous. My trust name has the word trust in it (thus why I used quotes.) If you...
    6. smdub

      current ATF wait time

      You don't need to put "trust of" if that isn't part of the legal name of your trust. If you did the Form4 to an individual you just need your name & city/state. If a trust, you replace your name w/ the name of the trust. It is its own legal entity. My trust name is "XXXXXXX TRUST". Thats...
    7. smdub

      M1 Carbine - Are They Worth The $$$

      I'd bet money Paul from the MDTCA has boatloads of original oilers he'd sell. That reminds me, I'm looking for a correct (likely reproduction) sling. I don't have one w/ the snap at the front. RRomig, I'll ask Paul. I'll be seeing him on Sat so it would save you shipping.
    8. smdub

      current ATF wait time

      I just had an e-file Form 4 come though at around 9mo.
    9. smdub

      For sale CCI 350 Magnum Large Pistol Primers (1000)

      I was at Shydas in PA yesterday and picked up 1000 LPP for a friend. Well, it turns out I grabbed MAGNUM LPPs instead :( Opps. He's only reloading 45ACP and 45 Long Colt so doesn't really need the magnums. (Yes, I know you can use magnum primers in non-magnum loads.) I'll swap him some of...
    10. smdub

      Question by 'smdub' on classified ad 'Reloading 44 seeds'

      I have what you need (brass/dies/bullets.) I started a conversation w/ you a few days ago.
    11. smdub

      What did you do at your reloading bench today?

      I'm headed to Shydas in Lebanon PA tomorrow (going to be in the area anyway.) Going to buy lead shot so I can reload .410. It's the last thing I need. Hopefully I can knock out my first shells tomorrow evening.
    12. smdub

      M1 Carbine - Are They Worth The $$$

      CMP hasn't had (bulk) carbines for sale in ages. The very few they get go through auction and command high prices. Its best to search GunBroker, shows, classifieds, etc.
    13. smdub

      M1 Carbine - Are They Worth The $$$

      ^this. I think you can get a nice GI one for <$1500. Not sure why one would pay way more for a repro.
    14. smdub

      Lathe for general gunsmithing?

      For 1/4" I'd just turn it off vs parting but thats just me. I think it would be faster.
    15. smdub

      What are the easiest, fastest, 922R parts to SBR a Zastava M92 pistol and make it MD legal and Greta Thunberg approved?

      Sorry, I don't think you are eligible for the free stamp. The braces had to be on the guns before the rule was published in the register AFAIK.
    16. smdub

      What are the easiest, fastest, 922R parts to SBR a Zastava M92 pistol and make it MD legal and Greta Thunberg approved?

      Now braces are considered rifles so you'd have to apply for an SBR stamp, then do 922r before you put a stock(brace) on. You can swap 922r before or after SBR approval, but you can't put the stock on until both approval and 922 parts are done.
    17. smdub

      Lathe for general gunsmithing?

      Feels good doesn't it? Be very careful w/ barrel length & NFA. Don't end up w/ a <16" bbl. Looks like the Mossberg 715T is advertised as 16.25". Looks like you're in the clear to trim a little but I'd double check their spec by measuring before you trim any. You could also make a new thread...
    18. smdub

      Machine Gun Show/Open house! Come check out MGs in person!

      @IMBLITZVT The stump takes up less table space (which is always at a premium)
    19. smdub

      NFA Picture Thread

      Seems fitting I picked up my .308 Valmet M78 on 3/08 day.
    20. smdub

      Machine Gun Show/Open house! Come check out MGs in person!

      Its the first event of the club every year. (so once annually) Shoot is scheduled for 2-6pm on the 50yd range. The hour break in between gives us time to eat, hold a short member meeting, pack up and move stuff over.
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