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    1. TLL

      Maryland Arm’s Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/18-3/19, 2023

      A C&R 03 should come in pretty handy..?
    2. TLL

      Winchester Model 69A

      Does yours have sling swivels? The bolt handle on the early models are straight and later handles are curved. Hope you find all you need to complete. Really handy rifle.
    3. TLL

      Winchester Model 69A

    4. TLL

      Shot Federal punch .22LR today, was supprised.

      Wish I had read this thread first. Yes, sounds like high velocity out of my sparrow mounted Savage mk ll. Stingers are cheaper and I have them already. Bummer.
    5. TLL

      Winchester Model 69A

      I just bought a 69a, match model like you have. Mine is complete and in great shape. I'll post a pic or two tomorrow. I have the big brother model 75 also. Sold the bigger brother, an early model 52 a couple months ago.
    6. S&W 10-9 RHKP

      Reply to question by 'TLL' on the classified ad 'S&W 10-9 RHKP'

      I sent 2 pics. No import marks. Thanks
    7. S&W 10-9 RHKP

      Reply to question by 'TLL' on the classified ad 'S&W 10-9 RHKP'

      No import mark. Maybe never sent to Hong Kong or returned unissued.
    8. TLL

      Feedback posted by TLL on ZachW

      Easy, smooth deal. Great communication Nice guy. A++
    9. S&W 10-9 RHKP

      For sale S&W 10-9 RHKP

      S&W m10-9 Royal Hong Kong Police. Minimal or unfired. Minor turn ring. Great condition.
    10. TLL

      Selling a Ruger Mark II .22 lr on consignment

      GunBroker buyers have to add $30 to $50 shipping and usually 3% credit card fee and sales tax to the purchase price. At least that is what my LGS has. That makes the gun pretty expensive. My consignment LGS charges me 10% plus the GunBroker fee. Put that all together the common firearm needs...
    11. Mosin m44

      For sale Mosin m44

      Re Arsenal/ crate condition. I have never fired. C&R preferred. Can meet with in 30mins of Pasadena or along rt 301 corradore. Two 91/30s and two m38s available. Two type 56 early Chinese sks's also.
    12. 22 Short Ammo for Sale

      Question by 'TLL' on classified ad '22 Short Ammo for Sale'

      Where are you located?
    13. TLL

      My rig is squeaky

      Crossbreed hybrids squeak. I read talcum/baby powder can help. I have one for a G19 but I put a light on the pistol and the crossbreed just hangs out in the holster box with a few friends. Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk
    14. TLL

      Consignment Guns

      What is your consignment fee? 20 percent? Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk
    15. AR Receiver

      For sale AR Receiver

      Never used. Unmarked except for key hole icon. Bare receiver. Will mail.
    16. Rem 66 nylon

      For sale Rem 66 nylon

      Very good condition Rem nylon 66 .22lr. medium to light receiver speckling as normal. Barrel is dated 1966. Manufactured till 1987. Should be C&R eligible.
    17. Mosin M44

      For sale Mosin M44

      Mosin M44 1944. Great condition, sling included. C&R transfer preferred.
    18. TLL

      Purcell Gun Shop in Purcellville robbed last night

      Purcell's Custom Gunsmith in Orange is my LGS. I am selling some of my accumallection with him. He is strictly consignment,so a lot of people would be affected by theft. If you want C&R aged firearms Purcell's in Orange is the place to go. He is Hogmando on GunBroker. I did not know of the shop...
    19. TLL

      May need another .380

      Maybe a Savage 1917 .380 Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk
    20. TLL

      May need another .380

      1903 in .32 1922 1908 in.380 1921 1908 vest in .25 1919 Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk
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