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    1. CanDoEZ

      Florida ccw 2022

      I was in West Palm Beach Monday for a meeting and it wrapped an hour early. Checked the website for an available appointment and they were booked. Took a shot and walked in at 1638.... they said no problem and was in and out before they locked up at 1700.
    2. CanDoEZ

      Metal Detecting

      I’m a novice but the Equinox 600 seems to be well rated. New units can detect on multiple Freqs at same time. I’m still figuring out the best settings. It was able to pick up that button in the middle of a bunch of nails. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
    3. CanDoEZ

      Metal Detecting

      Finally spent an hour in the woods on my back forty and found my first button, appears to be early 1800’s. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
    4. CanDoEZ

      Metal Detecting

      Santa left an Equinox 600 under my tree, waiting for the ground to thaw out a bit and start digging up my yard :)
    5. CanDoEZ

      CMMG Banshee .45 ACP Pistol to SBR conversion

      Most definitely agree, but I'd rather have a plan figured out in advance if it does get jammed down our throats.
    6. CanDoEZ

      CMMG Banshee .45 ACP Pistol to SBR conversion

      So with the impending potential Pistol Brace ATF kerfuffle coming down the pike, I've been mulling what to do with my 5" barreled CMMG 300. My rough measurements say that by adding an 8" barreled upper with a pinned and welded suppressor, plus swapping out the brace with a stock will get me to...
    7. CanDoEZ

      Fatal Robbery, Shell Station in White Oak

      If the residents have grown used to the smell of rotting human, please nuke the building from orbit
    8. CanDoEZ

      15-year-old boy arrested, found sleeping with loaded AR-15

      I'm shivering with antici......... pation
    9. CanDoEZ

      15-year-old boy arrested, found sleeping with loaded AR-15

      You could star in Binary Fission Porn.... watching cells divide is so HOT!
    10. CanDoEZ

      Deer corn bugs

      It's the lessor of two weevils...
    11. CanDoEZ

      Suppressor advice?

      JMJ in Mechanicsville is a Silencer Shop dealer and had a few under the counter last time I has there
    12. CanDoEZ

      Harbor Freight rock Tumbler vs Frankford Arsenal Lite

      Mine has been in service more than 20 years only had to replace a belt
    13. CanDoEZ

      Enjoying the new "normal" at McDonald's

      Pun O Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    14. CanDoEZ

      Intro and then some

      Welcome aboard. With a Teratos vouch, you must be GTG. Unless you start ass-less chaps threads....
    15. CanDoEZ

      Military / Gov Property Book Officer

      F#ck that Sh#t. I'd rather chew on razor blades. When I checked in as the CWO3 Maint Officer at a UAV squadron that had more rolling stock (10- 5 tons, 24- HMMWVs, Commo Gear, Crew served Weapons) than aircraft, it was a rude awakening to learn how the "ground side" accounted for gear. It was...
    16. CanDoEZ

      Cast Iron aebleskiver

      Coronary Pancake Balls :)
    17. CanDoEZ

      Cast Iron aebleskiver

      Little danish pancake balls... my wife collects cast iron so I'm in.
    18. CanDoEZ

      Belly Band holsters?

      There is a separate thread on the Enigma. NOTE: I'll admit I'm an Enigma fanboy and love mine. YMMV. 60 Days with a PHLster Enigma Express Holster System I also have a Crossbreed bellyband and it did not work for me. Most likely due to my muffin top.
    19. CanDoEZ

      OC traffic stop in O.C.

      Maybe we all write letters to the CLEOs of each county where we reside?
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