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    1. J

      Maryland Arm’s Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/18-3/19, 2023

      It was a nice day. I got an unfired San Marco Walker for under $300.
    2. J

      Department Store Shotguns

      I have a Ted Williams (Sears) 20g semi. It only holds 3 rounds.
    3. J

      Maryland Arms Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/19-3/20, 2022

      Is this show happening this year 2023?
    4. J

      Colion talks Maryland

      Come on now , we know the govt will protect us......................NEVER
    5. J

      Private Sale of Muzzleloader

      You can mail them. Like said earlier what are you selling?
    6. J

      New member from Calvert

      hello from Huntingtown
    7. J

      Hello from Southern MD

      Hello from down south
    8. J

      Delayed approval every time.

      I always get delayed , took 3 days. I then got denied, got that reversed ,got a UPIN and the last time was delayed 1 day.Its hit or miss.
    9. J

      Shooting Range

      We need an outdoor range for us blackpowder shooters
    10. J

      New from Gambrills

      Hello from Huntingtown
    11. J

      Shooting Range

      This is what's trying to go in in Owings. Send letters to for support
    12. J

      Hi, new guy from SoMd

      Hello from Huntingtown
    13. J

      Myrtle Grove closed

      Wonder how long before it is back open. I like going there.
    14. J

      Nations Gun Show (Chantilly, VA); Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2, 2022

      Its $35 plus free admission to the show
    15. J

      SHOTGUN PoRn

      WOW some pretty side bys
    16. J

      SHOTGUN PoRn

      Beautiful side by
    17. J

      New Shoulder Rig

      That looks nice
    18. J

      New member in SoMD

      Hello from Huntingtown
    19. J

      Tippity Wichity Island is for sale

      Damn, it $.1 million out of my reach:lol:
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