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      Hand Primer Recommendations?

      I have my first hand primer from LEE. 1973 retail $2.45
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      Looking for 5.45x39 ammo in Maryland

      I have ordered 2K this year from SGammo, They sell in small amounts.
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      Hungarian HD-18 rifle in 7.62x54R

      Just before the assault gun ban I purchased a PSL from Lou (RIP). I had a trigger job done an installed a Belorussian mount and 9 power scope. I must have fire a hundred hand loads with any satisfied results. My best results was with corrosive Yugo 180 FMJ but it was inadvisable to shoot heavy...
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      Lake City Brass

      I agree. You could turn the case over and tap it a few times and see if any powder residue is present.
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      Colt Python

      I have a nice 1962 Python purchased from Va State Police.
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      [AGC] metal target base?

      Yes and I asked a new AGC member how much he paid. $30
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      What happened to the enbloc clips? (WWII)

      I saw that clip but I was curious how it was done during war production. I don't think they would have hundreds of these hand cranked machines going night and day.
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      Winchester M2 ball replica ammo

      It is all LC69 and non corrosive.
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      What happened to the enbloc clips? (WWII)

      I have not been able to find a video on how the enbloc were loaded. Was it done manually by factory workers.
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      Winchester M2 ball replica ammo

      I'll stick to my Lake City.
    11. Ruger Mark II M-77

      For sale Ruger Mark II M-77

      This is a nice 1995 Ruger M-77 Mark II stainless steel in 223 Reminton. Shot very little. The scope is a Leupold 36x fixed and in 1995 dollars cost $999. At 100 yards I use a piece of blank paper and with a marking pen place 1/4" dots as targets. You won't require a spotting scope to see shot...
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      Consignment Guns

      Long Branch
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      Hours this week 1/11/23

      Is that from uncle Harry's arsenal?
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      Associated Guns Club of Baltimore

      Been a member for 39 years.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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      Local oaks are dying

      I have lost 2 mature oak trees in the last 2 years. $5k to remove both but I have enough fire wood for the next three years.
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      Gun shows, in general

      I haven't been to a gun show since 1997. All my purchases were local or off this forum. Reloading supplies are mainly from the Internet. At 75 I no longer are interested in purchasing. Focusing on selling rifles which I hate to do for I don't want the burden left with my bride.
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      Karabinek Mauser wz 8mm

      My collection of 8MM Mauser clips.
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      Use it or lose it? Dent in case mouth...

      I use a Phillips screwdriver to remove dents. No dings using this process.
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      Reloading for M1 Garand

      Several years ago I purchased 750 rnds of German 30-06 on MG links. Head stamp ME 67. Good non corrosive ammo.
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      Heads up, brass washed steel pistol cases

      I forgot to mention it is boxer primed.
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