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    1. H

      Garden Thread 2023

      Don't forget World Naked Gardening Day on May 6.
    2. H

      What's Your Whisky?

      I prefer the balance and stability of the bull barrel.
    3. H

      Dropped of a 1943 SA Garand at Fulton Armory

      Ernie Pyle wrote an article about an ordnance company after D-Day. They gathered weapons from the battlefield and aid stations., stripped them down. Set up buckets of solvent (gasoline if I remember correctly), bolts in this bucket, gas cylinders there, etc. Slosh, scrub, reassemble, lube, test...
    4. H

      Dropped of a 1943 SA Garand at Fulton Armory

      Interchangeable parts are an amazing development. A Garand that goes bang every time is not garbage.
    5. H

      PA 97 to Gettysburg

      Drove past there many times. My schedule never allowed me to stop. Now it's too late. Maybe a lesson there.
    6. H

      How long can a Semi-Auto Pistol be stored in Condition 1?

      Because they're in Maryland?
    7. H

      Bad day at the range

      Sorry,, no such thing as bad day at the range. Always better than vacuuming.
    8. H

      Online Source for OEM S&W M&P 17-Round Magazines

      Midway has them $39.99 each, ships tomorrow.
    9. H

      After 3 decades, my first split cases

      Here is a "hack" a long time reloader showed me. As you put empty cases into your case feeder, shake a handful. If they ring, they are fine. If they clank, there is a split case.
    10. H

      AS007 Flash Hider Shot Glass

      In. (I'll be in Westminster on Saturday, 12/3) Thanks.
    11. H

      Tippity Wichity Island is for sale

      Ever notice how many historical places - bars, B&Bs, inns, islands - claim to have been a brothel at some point?
    12. H

      Reducing hand shock/pain firing high caliber handguns

      This. Hogue's do not cover the backstrap and don't fit my hands well. I prefer Pachmayr.
    13. H

      I Can't Hit Anything with my Citori CXS - Need A Pro

      Actually trap guns are set up to shoot high because the target is rising. Field guns usually shoot flat.
    14. H

      I Can't Hit Anything with my Citori CXS - Need A Pro

      Next time you're at AGC, walk across the drive to the patterning range. Seriously, would we complain about not hitting at 100 yards with a rifle we hadn't zeroed? Nevermind, this is MDS.
    15. H

      Older Remington XP100, disaster averted!

      So, not a design issue? A lack of maintenance issue?
    16. H

      WC Spring kits in RIA Tactical 1911A1

      I have a Shok-Buff in my Govt Model. It goes on the guide rod and keeps the dust cover of the slide from smacking the guide rod. Mine gets kinda smashed and ugly after about 1000 rounds. I don't think John Browning anticipated the number of rounds we put through our pistols.
    17. H

      USPS lost my WC license? Urggggh

      Sometimes my Informed Delivery items arrive that day, sometimes four days later. I think some days my letter carrier gets half way through the route and says eff it.
    18. H

      What to expect from ruger mkiv

      Drywall anchors are cheap and work well.
    19. H

      IMR 4895 Discontinued

      Wasn't that a WWII surplus powder? I wonder if it is discontinued, or they finally ran out of the tons of powder left over from the war?
    20. H

      Proposed indoor range in Gambrills

      Sports and alcohol abuse have gone together forever.
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