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      Advice on a .380

      My wife has a bersa 380 (thunder) and I find it snappy. She doesn't like it as much as her Walther 9mm. That's the only 380 data point I have. Btw. If you grow tired of the 5906 let me know. It's on my wish list. :)
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      Window Repair

      Hodges in Harford county did right for me when my window went south.
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      Ideal Property For Car Nut Available Locust Grove VA

      Sorry for your loss. Looks like a nice place.
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      Chaps closed?

      I like the chaps in Aberdeen. Sandwiches have always been good.
    5. PXL_20230305_225838500~2.jpg


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      How do you fit all your cards in your wallet?

      George Costanza approves
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      (Another) Yellooow from Aberdeen!

      Welcome from Havre de Grace
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      Frederick County Sheriff's Office, MD

      Just follow a Amazon truck...
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      Hello from Aberdeen, thank you for the add.

      Welcome from HdG!
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      Anywhere to clean guns?

      Jeff Gs mom cleans mine
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      Great karma!
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      Hello from Havre de Grace

      Welcome from HdG
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      SCORE!!! Man Cave Cleaning Surprise

      Yeah. I'm easily amused and sadly happy
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      SCORE!!! Man Cave Cleaning Surprise

      I found a quarter in my jeans pocket last evening. I was equally happy.
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      Dog Food and Dog Crate

      That is next step. Figured I would ask her first.
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      Dog Food and Dog Crate

      Crate is disassembled and crate needs to be cleaned. I can't. No outside hose in the cold.
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      Dog Food and Dog Crate

      One 24 lb bag and about another half bag of Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin and Stomach. (Second bag is in a plastic pet food container) Sky Kennel Giant Crate. I have all hardware. Door is new last year as the old one started sticking. I think it's this one Free in HdG. Pickup only...
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      Garage Door Replacement

      Probably too far but I used Carl's door service. And was very pleased.
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      Bought a new carry gun today

      Looks like a nice piece. Good luck. As Joppa said. Hope you never need it.
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