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    1. Art3

      Fun Steel match at Delta PA Every Month

      So far, the temperature forecast looks great. The ground might be a little squishy though. :fingerscrossed:
    2. Art3

      Fun Steel match at Delta PA Every Month

      What? Oh my, where did the time go! It's this Sunday and registration is already open! Thank you ;)
    3. Art3

      G43 from a SS80 frame

      Maybe get someone else to shoot it first, but if it works reliably and is consistent about where it is hitting, why not just bang the rear sight over a little bit :shrug:
    4. Art3

      How do you fit all your cards in your wallet?

      I had been using Mighty Wallets for years...long before I had to worry about a permit. They are made of Tyvek (the house wrap) which makes them tough and very thin. In addition to reducing bulk, I didn't like getting leather wallets wet (either from sweat or working in the rain...or both)...
    5. Art3

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      It is seldom dry though...
    6. Art3

      Feedback on Essential Holsters Naked Holster?

      The little Glock ones came today. I don't know that I'll be able to thoroughly test any of them out soon. First impressions are just like the Sig. I'm still amazed at just how tenaciously the clothes clip clips on clothes. They sure weren't kidding about scratching the gun. The pic (that...
    7. Art3

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      Life. I'm easy like that ;)
    8. Art3

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      Correct, Vedder Light Tuck. That style seems to work the best for me, usually around 4:00. Aside from being previously (:tap:) Blaster approved, what really sets the Vedder apart for me is the sweat guard going all the way up to the end of the slide. Obviously, that's pretty important to my...
    9. Art3

      52 year old white man barred

      I just heard this discussed on the 98Rock afternoon show. A caller claimed that the 52yowg kept trying to bring a minor up to the bar, despite being told that was a no-no. Minors...covered in coal dust and muddy boots...who wants them around anyway. :rolleye12
    10. Art3

      President Trump Promises Concealed Carry Reciprocity When Reelected

      You know how the NRA has gotten a bit of a reputation? Deserved or not, they, and anything involved with them carries some degree of stigma. That's part of how MSI can be more successful in helps simply not being the NRA. That doesn't mean the NRA hasn't done great things, and...
    11. Art3

      Fun Steel match at Delta PA Every Month

      To keep things running, we really need more trained RSO's. There is course coming up on 3/25 at the range: This is the NRA accredited course, so it should be valid anywhere, not just Delta. Registration for that...
    12. Art3

      Fun Steel match at Delta PA Every Month

      :thumbsup: Even if it isn't your carry rig, drawing from a holster is always good practice...and more fun. Blade Tech and Comp-tac seem to be the most common holsters for competition. The soft floppy nylon ones are no good. Even leather can be a little iffy, especially if it tends to...
    13. Art3

      Horse person needed to care for horses

      Yes...and our dance card is already quite full. This reminded me of a movie I saw as a kid. It was a western comedy. I don't think it was Blazing Saddles. There was a scene between one of the lead bad guys and his two bumbling henchmen where the funny revolved around a misunderstanding of...
    14. Art3

      Fun Steel match at Delta PA Every Month

      Great! I was hoping to catch up with you, but at least you were in good hands. You should have gotten a link emailed to you from practiscore. If you aren't already logged in, you may have to sign back in to see it. It should look like this on the practiscore website: The "Combined" I...
    15. Art3

      Fun Steel match at Delta PA Every Month

      Great to hear! :party29: The next one will be 3/26. Registration on Practiscore will open 3/19...I'll try to bump the thread ;)
    16. Art3

      Fun Steel match at Delta PA Every Month

      The weather turned out better than expected. It seemed like everyone had a good time. I wish I could have chatted with more of the MDS members, especially the first timers, but it seemed like there was always something for me to do. We need more RSO's to go around and ease the burden. That...
    17. Art3

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      I know I've expressed concerns about sweating on my guns...a lot. Here's why: ...and it's February :rolleyes:
    18. Art3

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      I think, for Marylanders, the other big issue is that SBR's must be at least 29" long.
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