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    1. adit

      Who's Old Lady is this? (Dewey 03/19/2023)

      So says the man that would have to chew his arm off to get out of there the next morning....
    2. adit

      FL, HI, IL, NJ, NY, TN, & TX Updates

      Hawaii going All-In on BS
    3. adit

      Who's Old Lady is this? (Dewey 03/19/2023)

      She reminds me of ....
    4. adit

      We owe a debt of gratitude to Clarence Thomas

      Oh it may have been heard but the opinion would have been a wee bit different.
    5. adit

      Where Can I Legally Shoot in Delaware

      The article is not 100% correct. It states that you cannot shoot within town limits in any towns in DE. That is incorrect. i.e. Millville, DE you can shoot on 10+ acre lots. A few years ago there was no limitation.
    6. adit

      Garden Thread 2023

      Don't use the Preen/other brands of woven landscape fabric. Weeds will still root into/through it (ask me how I know). I'd look for the greenhouse stuff that almost looks like canvas tarp material in black.
    7. adit

      Dewey Beach Tag Line Contest Deadline 03/14/23

      You can drink all you want on the beach, and up and down the streets with open containers. We've wagoned a keg around Dewey in the past. Once May 15th arrives that is out the window until September 15th arrives and freedom is reestablished.
    8. adit

      IWI Carmel

      The IWI website calls it an "assault rifle". You know it ain't gonna fly in MD at that point. (at least for now)
    9. adit

      9 states with live Constitutional carry bills..

      This Sheriff gets it.
    10. adit

      Kyle Rittenhouse being sued
    11. adit

      Morgan state univ. Permit carry a gun?

      The "great" State of MD.
    12. adit

      “Assault Weapon” Confusion

      We agree. That is a good choice as well. Never take the word of a single source on the Internet. Do your own research and make the decision which you are comfortable with.
    13. adit

      Delaware to Maryland

      The Fed agrees with that statement.
    14. adit

      Delaware to Maryland

      No such thing as "changing it to out of state (aka Non-Resident)" in DE. Hence why I mentioned he was in the perfect situation (undeniable Standing) to sue DE and their "weapons" laws.
    15. adit

      Morgan state univ. Permit carry a gun?,brass%20knuckles%20are%20also%20prohibited.
    16. adit

      “Assault Weapon” Confusion

      No. There are no current laws in MD that say any type of upper, by itself, is illegal to possess. Don't let the BGOS get you.
    17. adit

      Delaware to Maryland

      DE isn't going to report you to PA.
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