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    1. haoleboy

      Holster for suppressor height sights

      Not every one LoL. The cheap blackhawk serpa does not have a high enough channel to fit my sights.
    2. haoleboy

      Holster for suppressor height sights

      Does anyone know off hand who makes a holster to fit a glock 19 clone with tall suppressor sights?
    3. haoleboy

      Looking for Advice on an AR10

      I have had the POF Revolution DI for about 2 years now. I got it for the light weight and smaller trigger group. My buddy just got the Ruger SFAR and TBH, I am thinking about selling the POF to buy the Ruger.
    4. haoleboy

      Effective range of snake shot?

      ;) I saw that dummy, I was suggesting that you go back to a single projectile with a green hunting light.
    5. haoleboy

      Effective range of snake shot?

      Dave, why not use a green spot light. It doesn't bother most animals, and allows you to use see your sights. Also, why not a pellet gun with scope? If you were closer, I'd let you borrow my suppressed 10/22 and this Wicked Lights
    6. haoleboy

      Buying a shotgun in PA?

      I could be wrong, but I believe that you can cash & carry long guns in states that share a border with Maryland.
    7. haoleboy

      Charles County Government Gun Ban Proposed

      I'm gonna be there, but I'm not a good speaker. :(
    8. haoleboy

      Charles County Government Gun Ban Proposed

      My normal route is about 22.5 mi. If I take your route, it is 31 mi. Here is a better example. My parents live off of Bel Alton Newtown Road. On their street there is a county owned/operated well, and well house. Their street is a dead end, and there is no way for them to leave their home...
    9. haoleboy

      Charles County Government Gun Ban Proposed

      Never mind CCW, this also applies to hunters/target shooters like me. I live in CC, on the St marys side of Rt6. I drive Rt6 to get to my hunting property on the Nanjemoy side of Rt6. On that route, I probably pass 20 county owned/operated buildings. There is a county building on Every major...
    10. haoleboy

      Moorish Americans take over a rural gun range, sparking a strange showdown

      They have the authority when the shooting is putting others at risk.
    11. haoleboy

      Moorish Americans take over a rural gun range, sparking a strange showdown

      This hits pretty close to home. The guy with the cows and farm that adjoins that property is my FIL. Weird thing about the article, they said the house was searched on the morning of 12/21. My FIL called me about 4pm in the afternoon of 12/21 to tell me that a CCSO Sgt, 1 FBI agent, and 1...
    12. haoleboy

      am I crazy?

      That's a whole lotta firepower for a hog hunt. I go to FL at least once a year to hog hunt and I always take my 300 blkout for day shots. Or my Ruger American 308 for long distance. At night, I'm shooting a AR-10 in 308 with Thermal. Yeah, some of you guys will say the 308 is a lot of...
    13. haoleboy

      Supreme Court remits MD assault weapons ban back to lower courts in light of Bruen vs. NY ruling

      are you guys seeing video? I'm only getting audio.
    14. haoleboy

      Any Gunsmiths in MOCO?

      Engage Armament is in MoCo, and they have a gunsmith.
    15. haoleboy

      Inappropriate exchange with gun store owner while concealed carrying at his store?

      This is an accurate description of Anthony. After reading the initial post, I'm surprised thats all that he said. LoL
    16. haoleboy

      Charles County Sheriff Berry to retire....WTF?

      Popped up on my FB feed. He announced his retirement today. Reading the article, I think he is looking to move to another position in Gov't. Really vague, and not many questions answered. My biggest question is, while Berry being a D, I thought he has been a Great sheriff for CC. He...
    17. haoleboy

      Accidental Discharge at Chantilly

      I'm also confused by this. Every time I have been there, they make you unload and zip-tie the chamber open if you are carrying. Guess he lied and said he wasn't carrying. :rolleyes:
    18. haoleboy

      Truck Brake issues....

      To be honest, I only checked the rear hoses since that is where the noise is coming from. Both look to be in perfect shape. The fluid level in the master has never changed. No signs of a leak anywhere. I do have a laser thermo, I'll do a road test and check the heat on the rotors.
    19. haoleboy

      Truck Brake issues....

      Standing still. I first noticed it at the boat ramp. Made me pucker a little when I was putting the boat in the water and the pedal started to creep. The truck didn't move, but it still made me nervous.
    20. haoleboy

      Truck Brake issues....

      So, I installed a new master cylinder yesterday. Same issue, creaking noise from the left rear, and slow creeping pedal. If the caliper is bad, and fluid is leaking past the piston, I would see the leak right? Still nothing, no leaks from anywhere in the truck. I feel like I should replace...
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