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      Cold Bore Shot, Barrel Length/Profile Effects questions

      Cold bore doesn't exist, it's poor positioning more than anything. It happens to me more than I'd like to admit. As stated above clean bore is a real thing. You can experience POI variances.
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      Frederick County Sherriff

      100% this! Those people were entering homes that were occupied.
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      Your three (concealed carry) gun set-up

      I have a g43 with or without mag extension depending. I shoot it decent but prefer the p365. P365xl main carry gun. I have a macro x grip but not a fan. Offers more rounds, but the xl grip fits my hand the best and doesn't print as much. Heavily debated a p365x, still on the fence but will...
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      Is it worth the cash to buy big

      Erwos posts are spot on, I dont have much to add. Reloading hunting rounds for cost savings will never pay off. Reloading for high volumes or accuracy usually are the main drivers.
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      Case lube - what am I doing wrong.

      I use one shot in the case holders and spray 360 around. I let it dry for 15 mins and aren't experiencing issues like you are. I size 6.5x47 cases down to a 6x47 and don't have issues
    6. S

      Geissele SSA-E trigger

      Never had any bump fire issues with the ssae. I dont feel that is super like, but I'm used to super light(under 12 oz) triggers
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      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      If youre close to frederick i might have one for sale(x macro grip).
    8. S

      H&K SFPCC9

      If the size is close to the p365xl I'm 10000% going to be getting one.
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      Wearing empty holster around to adapt, did you?

      Same except I have a sig and a glock but carry the sig more. OP I did carry around the house to figure out holsters, what position works for me etc. It was loaded though. After that I didn't. Wife has a stalker/protective order so changes the game a little for me now.
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      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      Looks like vedder
    11. S

      52 year old white man barred

      Too funny I've been there 10 x times at least.
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      Stop The Bleed Class 3/11/2023

      Id like to attend this also, I will have to check the calendar
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      Wilson Combat upgraded P365

      I think they are smoking crack!
    14. S

      Wilson Combat upgraded P365

      Can't watch at work, standard 365, x or xl?
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      Will recent news make you think twice?

      No I get caught up in the political game. I hope I never have to draw a firearm ever. Personally I believe that if I had to draw and fire that it would be pretty clear there was a need to defend ones life and I could convey that to a jury. All conjecture at this point because I've never been...
    16. S

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      I'm not sure I'm in love with the macro grip. I might have mags, grip and holsters available lol
    17. S

      Effective range of snake shot?

      That's awesome
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      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      I saw them on the sig site, was hoping they come back in stock soon. I'm breaking in 2 HBE holsters for the macro at the moment
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      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      I dont have a small slide or a frame. I might just buy an x just to have. I have the macro stuff.
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