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    1. J

      Old Model Blackhawk trouble

      No you have to open the loading gate to turn the cylinder.
    2. J

      Charter Arms Bulldog .44

      Mine did this. I put in a stronger wolf main spring. That fixed it.
    3. J

      Charter Arms Bulldog .44

      I’ve got an old bulldog 44 it can go 25 rounds at least with no issues.
    4. J

      .22 LR Hollow Point. Why?

      Lead round nose 22lr expands and mushrooms pretty good from my unofficial testing.
    5. J

      Small revolvers as Backup/Carry Guns?

      My main carry is a colt detective special owb in a right hand DeSantis thumb break scabbard. I have the same holster left and right hand for my j frame. Some times the j frame on the right, some times detective special on the right and the j frame on the left. Deep concealment is the j frame in...
    6. J

      AIWB is nuts!

      Anywhere iwb is less than ideal to me. Pancake holster on the right hip is my go to. My t shirt covers it good enough. I keep it covered when I’m out in the world. When I’m at work it varies from concealed to printing alot to open.
    7. J

      New gun round count

      My experience with Glock mirrors yours. Carry, shoot and repeat.
    8. J

      New gun round count

      I have had 2 used revolvers that would light strike about 1 out of 25 rounds only in double action. The first one I knew was non functional when I got it so no big surprise. The second one was a surprise. That taught me shoot at least 50 rounds before calling it good.
    9. J

      Robber shot, killed by customer

      Not quite a dupe, this one’s the thread everybody in the other thread was crying for.
    10. J

      How would this play out in Md. Help from local attorney

      Why hang around and talk. Bad guy dead, people’s money returned, time to go home. I’d bet he paid his bill with tip before leaving.
    11. J

      oddball od 22 revolver question

      Another vote for a good cleaning. Disassemble as far as you’re comfortable then rinse and swirl in very hot soapy water. The hotter the water the better it will air dry. Oil and try operating again. If it helps the first time try again. That’s my cheap inoperable gun go to. I have fixed a few...
    12. J

      Talk me out of a Glock

      No reason not to buy one. I had a gen3 17 that I carried at home a lot. It always worked. Dirt, mud, grease, sawdust nothing could stop it and it was to ugly to worry about hurting. That was my first and only pistol for about 10 years. I traded it to a Mds member for a non working smith &...
    13. J

      After TEOTWAWKI professions

      Management is a trade all its own in my opinion. I can fix or build most anything hands on. I find it extremely difficult to manage even the 2 employees we currently have.
    14. J

      Concealed to Brandishing

      Wife and I were approached at a gas station while putting kids in the car a couple weeks ago. Wife saw him coming across the parking lot 100’ or so out. The guy got almost to the back of the truck 20’ or so out and was coming directly towards us. I put my right hand near my gun not on it, stayed...
    15. J

      Would you carry a .44spl if you had one?

      I’ve got a charter arms bulldog looks like hell. I paid 200 for it and it’s one of my favorites. I just got a simply rugged pocket holster. Haven’t carried it yet because I’m still having fun carrying a detective special on my belt or a smith air weight in my pocket. It’s definitely a hoot to...
    16. J

      When carrying: What’s the law say about putting down a suffering deer or other animal if hit in a car accident?

      Wife and I have hit a few deer, the one that didn’t run off came home with me. I never considered calling the cops. I probably wouldn’t shoot it on the roadside. Kind of like a cop it might lead to lots of paperwork. Knife would be better suited most of the time.
    17. J

      Qualifying with revolver or semi?

      I qualified with a revolver no speed loader. The shooting was done in a way that loading 5 was better than 6 so a speed loader wouldn’t have done much good.
    18. J

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Thanks I didn’t know to look there. Got my nics 10/28.
    19. J

      Well repairs

      read this twice, good advice
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