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    1. OneGunTex

      2023 Turkey Hunting Thread

      According to Dr. Mike Chamberlain, one of the more well-known turkey researchers out there (and big time hunter too), trapping is only effective if you can do it systemically - in other words consistently over a long period over a wide range. The issue is mostly that both turkeys and...
    2. OneGunTex

      Department Store Shotguns

      Saw a Ted Williams (Sears) M400 over/under in 20ga for sale for $900 recently. Passed on it. Regret it. I would love to own a department store gun, just as a piece of history. Coincidentally I'd also like an O/U in 20ga for teal/dove. What other shotguns should I be on the lookout for? Have...
    3. OneGunTex

      Lead free big game ammunition

      Heard recently on Meateater that Arizona has lead-free areas due to Condor. FWIW, I've only had good experiences with it. Bought a box of Fort Scot TUI (tumble upon impact) in 6.5CM because it was cheaper actually and it dropped a whitetail DRT. When I start reloading, it's going to be Barnes...
    4. OneGunTex

      Bipod recommendations?

      Get a Spartan Javelin Lite Got one for my mountain trip. It is lightweight, stays on your belt when you're not using it so it doesn't get snagged on stuff, and attaches quickly. The mount still allows for a sling attachment. It's a favorite of the hunters over on Rokslide if you're familiar...
    5. OneGunTex

      Sig Sauer P320 Lawsuit

      Please redirect to the original if dupe, surprised I haven't seen it talked about "Wounded officers sue Sig Sauer, say gun goes off by itself" TL/DR : Lawsuit from at least 20 plaintiffs allege hundreds of...
    6. OneGunTex

      MDS Saddle Hunters

      @sclag22 if you are interested in some gently used gear, could sell you my whole setup. Now that I'm hunting twisty oaks and mesquites these days, not a lot of climbing to do. PM me That said, I would be very careful climbing a tree, esp saddle hunting, with a bad back. Once you're up there...
    7. OneGunTex

      Proposed repeal of Pittman Robertson Act - Thoughts?

      No, you miss the point. The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, which has successfully gotten us to a point of paradoxically increasing wildlife during 150 years of decreasingly wild spaces, at its core defines wildlife as a public good, administered by the states as elected...
    8. OneGunTex

      Proposed repeal of Pittman Robertson Act - Thoughts?

      Wasn't going to jump in on this, but wanted to point out that this bill is set to get rid of ALL Pitman-Robertson funding, not JUST the firearms part. According to Ryan Callaghan it targets Dingel-Johnson (fishing gear) too. That's ridiculous. I see legitimate room for debate in whether or how...
    9. OneGunTex

      2022 Turkey Hunting Thread

      Pulled a nice Rio Grande off the roost here in west-central Texas last week. Was a very different hunt, sweating down in the cactus, than the cold wet MD hunts the last few years. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
    10. OneGunTex

      Underlayer test

      Awesome thanks for sharing. Can confirm my old school long underwear lets my feet turn to ice cubes. Was thinking about getting First Lite, looks like a good choice. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
    11. OneGunTex

      Virginia Elk Hunting Lottery Application

      Pretty sure that's a violation of the Lacey Act. You're not even allowed to trade meat with people. It's free gift or nothing with wild game. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
    12. OneGunTex

      Hunting Apps for Public Land

      @AlBeight totally concur. Just another tool in the toolbox, and OnX can give you names and at least rough enough property lines to orient yourself with. Part of the issue is just how people handle private property boundaries. Everywhere I've ever hunted in Texas, lines are marked with fences...
    13. OneGunTex

      Hunting Apps for Public Land

      Because, as has been posted several times before, sometimes you are hunting a particularly small and/or narrow property. I hunted a piece of private in St Mary's Co that was shaped like a big 'L' approx. 250yds wide with very steep ravines so you (and the deer) had to traverse very particular...
    14. OneGunTex

      Hunting Apps for Public Land

      I meant more on terms of, if you don't paint stripes, how much right of trespass (or defense of trespass violation) do I have? Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
    15. OneGunTex

      Hunting Apps for Public Land

      I'm not quite sure what the law in Maryland is on posting your property esp where it borders public. In my mind though, either you paint a bunch of blue stripes/fence (in which case, I'll respect it no matter what my maps say) or you don't and I'll make my best judgment based on maps I have and...
    16. OneGunTex

      Hunting Apps for Public Land

      OnX is the big one, really good for public/private land boundaries and property owners if you're trying to get permission. I'll be honest, it's better out West where there is more open country and long distances and terrain features, everything over here is just condensed more. I used Avenza...
    17. OneGunTex

      Waterfowl 2021/2022

      I can't imagine it's not. Every pond at Myrtle Grove had 1-2" even after the warm rain last night. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
    18. OneGunTex

      Waterfowl 2021/2022

      Went out to the only piece of public I know where I could walk in/hunt without a boat, but the ice was thicker than I thought, too thick to break. Threw some decoys on a creek that was flowing, but nothing flying overhead. Been a tough season. Haven't killed a bird yet in a half dozen+ outings...
    19. OneGunTex

      deer recovery/hanging temp

      Agree with Pre64. Cheese cloth will keep the flies off. Only other thing I'll add, since you asked about recovery, is I would never let a deer lay in a field with its guts in it. That deer has an entry and an exit wound letting all kinds of nasties in to propagate with the nasties already in...
    20. OneGunTex

      Waterfowl 2021/2022

      I'll be honest, this is the third time in 2 weeks I've heard guys complain about new guys getting into hunting and it *really* pisses me off. It's just plain selfish. First of all, it's barely true. Hunter numbers have been stable over the last 20 years despite population increases. I'll grant...
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