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    1. Benelli M2 Tactical

      Question by '19mace92' on classified ad 'Benelli M2 Tactical'

      I have a Remington 700 with scope available to trade if you have any interest. Please let me know. Thanks!
    2. HK VP9 Optics Ready

      Question by '19mace92' on classified ad 'HK VP9 Optics Ready'

      Do you have any interest in trading for a Remington 700 with 4-16 power optic?

      Question by '19mace92' on classified ad 'SOLD PRICE UPDATE H&K USP 9mm $900 OBO'

      While I don't have an LWRCI for you, I would be open to trading with a Remington 700 and 4-16 power scope. It could get you a few hundred dollars closer to your LWRCI. Just a thought. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
    4. WTS/WTT LNIB CZ 75 SP-01 "blow the lungs out of the body" 9mm

      Question by '19mace92' on classified ad 'WTS/WTT LNIB CZ 75 SP-01 "blow the lungs out of the body" 9mm'

      Any interest in a bolt action Remington 700 with 4-16 power optic?
    5. Remington 700 BDL, 7mm Rem. Mag.

      For sale Remington 700 BDL, 7mm Rem. Mag.

      Nikon Monarch BDC Scope with Vortex level, Hogue Overmold stock, deluxe bolt, custom machined bolt lever knob, stock-mounted bean bag, all original parts included, 20 175gr Federal rounds included. I will travel to make the FFL transfer, buyer pays the transfer fee, message me to discuss. I...
    6. 1


      Seconded. I found myself making adjustments to my holsters in public on occasion. I bought a more expensive and better-designed holster that was larger and bulkier but because I carry it better, it actually conceals better.
    7. 1


      I Sounds like you and I have similar problems. I don't carry a 45 but I am in good shape and wear somewhat tight-fitting shirts. I carry a S&W Shield 9mm with mag extensions in the warmer months. I find that appendix carry is the way to go. Most people will tell you it is uncomfortable or...
    8. 1

      A question about stores/restaurants that don't allow firearms.

      I thought I read in federal transport laws that it is possible (legal) to do so. It would have to be locked away and separate from the ammunition. I could be wrong though.
    9. 1

      Ready yet?

      Interesting thought. Not sure what could be done about it. All that truly matters is how you prepare yourself.
    10. 1

      P365X-Macro official release

      I'd love to try this one out. Especially since it maxes out the new ridiculous DE magazine capacity limit.
    11. 1

      It's about time...

    12. 1

      Bed side and car safes

      I'm sure you could find one. My brother and I helped get a 1,200lb 60-rifle safe into my dad's basement. We set up snatch blocks and tow straps and used my old Bronco to lower it slowly down the stairs that we had to reinforce with 4x4s first. It was a real PITA and that thing will be sold with...
    13. 1

      Concealed Carry Clothing

      I've grown fond of the Groove Life belt. It is intended for concealed carry while being acceptable in an office environment (both characteristics which I need). It's a little pricey at $60 (on Amazon) but I have been wearing mine daily for about 6 months and haven't seen any signs of wear from...
    14. 1

      It Could Happen to You

      I have been doing more research on training that could have helped me in my particular encounter in July. I think the only thing that kept me from pointing my gun at the individual was the risk of injury to innocent bystanders. But something would have still needed to be done if that individual...
    15. 1

      House Bill 450, AW Ban Passed

      I'm all for exercising one's freedoms and rights, however, given a choice between concealing a firearm and open carrying, I would argue concealment is a more responsible decision all day long. Open carry is a great way to make yourself a target. Certain training environments teach Boyd's OODA...
    16. 1

      House Bill 450, AW Ban Passed

      Agreed. Delaware is open carry without a permit. I hate it. Makes people nervous when they see it. It can cause panic in some cases which may or may not turn out well when a cop gets on scene after being told about an individual walking around with a gun. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
    17. 1

      Concealed Carry Clothing

      Dang, I sure wish you chimed in sooner. Would have saved all of us the time and effort having a discussion about something you already have all the answers for. Glad we can all stop now that we have the perfect solution. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
    18. 1

      Convince or not to convince?

      Plenty of sources out there explain how hard experienced trauma is to overcome. For me, I break everything down to brass tax. A threat is still a threat until it is stopped. Kind of hard to stop a threat when you've already used your single pepper spray blast on it. Assuming it was effective at all.
    19. 1

      Bed side and car safes

      I have heard only good things from some friends of mine with Lock'er Down console safes. The problem for me is that I can't get a console safe into my Tahoe with the sliding center console option. The seats all have too much tech under them for me to mount anything there too. I'm looking into a...
    20. 1

      Rehobeth Beach

      You seem to have misunderstood my question as being confrontational, but since the shots are now fired: This site came recommended by a 4-year-old I met recently because there are a lot of fun games.
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