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      Xtreme .308 FMJ?

      I have not used there rifle bullets, I have used pistol bullets in 9mm, 41Mag, and 45acp and have had no problem with them.
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      The Barter Thread

      Bullets Sent a PM
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      The Barter Thread

      PM being sent
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      The Barter Thread

      I have 84 Lapua 7.62x39 cases, two boxes minus 4 ( total 196 ) of Hornady # 3147, 123gr FMJ bullets, 7.62 CAL. Also 875, 110gr 30 Carbine bullets that look like Hornady #3017, but I do not have a maker on them.
    5. M

      308 primer seating issues

      It sounds like you have crimped primer pockets.
    6. M

      Dillon down the tubes

      There use to be lead in gasoline, and it lubed the valves in the cylinder heads.
    7. M

      Lifetime MD Resident, new to guns

      Welcome from the Eastern shore.
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      Amateur Radio FAQ

      I bought a baofengtech (UV-5X3) from Amazon on prime day. The charger was dead out of the box. Called Amazon to return for exchange, They asked me if I would get my own charger if they refunded half the purchase. I did, and took the wall charger apart, ( there is a screw under the label ) The...
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      Free Brass Karma

      Thank You I'm in!
    10. M

      $165 M1 Garand...

      M1 from DCM I too got my M1 from the DCM back in April 1993, and had to jump thru all the hoops. I lucked out and received a complete IHC with a TE of 1.5 and a ME of 0.7
    11. M

      Casting silver bullets

      silver bullets I do not remember were these came from. the bottom marked-super-x 38 special
    12. M

      PA non-resident permit?

      Lancaster is the office to go to, It took longer to park and walk then to get the license. Address: 50 North Duke Street, Lancaster, Pa 17602 Incl. parking , walking, and Sheriff's office less then 30 minutes.
    13. M

      Store Reporting All Purchases to ATF

      Miller's is on US13, not 301
    14. M

      CMP is out of Garands!!!!

      I received an IHC correct Garand (all parts ) from the DCM in 1994 and the only paper work was the box it was shipped in, which I still have. Does that mean it's value is hurt.
    15. M

      $100 Giveaway

      I'm in to win Thanks
    16. M

      .22 LR Ammo

      As of 8:27am still shows in stock. Was able to order 4 units and free shipping to home.
    17. M

      Gunsmith in Sussex Co

      Picked up the Garand today, bill came in as quoted. Good service and done when he said it would be.
    18. M

      Gunsmith in Sussex Co

      Look at, has been around for some time, but has a new store front in Millsboro. Dropped off my M1 Garand a week ago, have not pick it up yet. Quote for work seemed more than reasonable.
    19. M

      Any revolver guys out there?

      I have more revolvers then semi-autos, This is my S&W set. Model 27, 57, and 29 all 8 3/8 inch.
    20. M

      Va AG to Follow PA AG - UPDATED Action Reversed

      The sad truth is what percentage of voters get out and vote. We need to raise our numbers.
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