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    1. webb297

      No "weapons" at MD BBQ Bash in Bel Air this weekend

      I told my nephew that if I have pants on, I have a flashlight and a pocket knife. Sounds like they don't want me to wear pants.
    2. webb297

      How do you navigate while hunting?

      I don't hunt but I hike a lot. I wear a Garman Fenix 7S and have found the GPS to be quite good in high sensitivity mode. The regular maps that come with it are pretty good, but the detailed ones you can buy and download can be excellent. I always have a topo map and compass as a back up when I...
    3. webb297

      Trying to be removed from this group

      Methodists... I didn't realize. Admins, can I be be removed from this group?
    4. webb297

      Trying to be removed from this group

      But if you crashed into ..... wait..... That would not be the proper application of the Ban Hammer.
    5. webb297

      Trying to be removed from this group

      Jeff G, if that is your real name ....
    6. webb297

      Trying to be removed from this group

      There are a lot of Jeff G's out there. Nobody knows who you are. Just click "logout" in the top right corner, and don't come back.
    7. webb297

      Any winter camping experience?

      Coldest I ever camped in is -2. That was really cold. The Northern Tier winter program program is no joke. I did the Summer Canoe program, that was a blast.
    8. webb297

      MD AR Question (Sorry)

      Which was one of the main points the liberals were going for with the laws. If you cant outright ban all firearms, make it as had to purchase them legally as possible.
    9. webb297

      GOP win in Virginia Key Takeaways

      Unless Trump is running.
    10. webb297

      How many flashlights do you really need?

      If I have pants on, I have a flashlight and a knife. I usually have pants on. 3 guns have lights, the gun safe has a flashlight, the basement door has a flashlight by it, the front porch has a flashlight by it, the bed stand has a flashlight, the car has one in the glove box and one in the...
    11. webb297

      What's the worst thing you found in your food?

      Which Pho restaurant?
    12. webb297

      R.I.P. DD214 - MDShooters Founder

      RIP DD214. Just Damn. Please let us know if anything needs to be done for his family. He started something great. My prayers for Norton, his family, and the others that are hurting in this time.
    13. webb297

      Just want to say thank in advance

      As a 40 YO white male from Bowie, I am proud to have you as a part of this community. As with so many other aspects of our lives, a persons race should make no difference in any way. Keep learning, keep shooting, be safe and have fun!
    14. webb297


      Anybody use that field for Dog Training/ field work?
    15. webb297

      Are all the topics here secretly titled...

      Just don't tell anybody from DNR or the Coast Guard. They might take your guns away before the accident.
    16. webb297

      Trespass by Md DNR Police

      I have been pulled over several times in a commercial company vehicle, and my driver has more than a few times. Never more than a 20 min inspection, and never a single fine. I am a pretty big fan of keeping unsafe vehicles off of the roadway. Pretty sure if you are getting thousands of...
    17. webb297

      Encounter at the AGC Pistol Range

      Now you are just being obtuse. The OP made no request. He issued a Cease Fire command.
    18. webb297

      Encounter at the AGC Pistol Range

      You remind me of the guys that think because they think that a law is unconstitutional, they can just ignore it and everything will be just fine. If you want the above statement to be true, start your own range and make it the rule, or get them to change the rules at the range you are...
    19. webb297

      Man arrested for DIAS Wall Hook

      TL:DR "I reject your reality and substitute my own"
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