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    1. safecracker

      Will R77 require any document when I voluntary register a handgun?

      Thank you for exhibiting class and respect. Both are exceedingly rare commodities on this site.
    2. safecracker

      What Documents are Needed to Purchase Handgun

      Prepare your 77r before you go to your dealer. It’ll save time and endear you to them.
    3. Safes For Sale CHEAP They All Must Go!!!!

      For sale Safes For Sale CHEAP They All Must Go!!!!

      I’m closing my shop and have a pile of safes to get rid of. Some big. Some small. Some in-between. I even have a bank vault door. Cheap. No reasonable offers refused. I will set combinations and help load. NO DELIVERIES. Bring your truck or trailer and CASH. No credit cards. No Venmo or cash...
      $1.00 to $500.00
    4. safecracker

      Picked Up a Desert Eagle

      .50AE, .44 magnum, and .357 magnum with 6” and 10” barrels in all three calibers. Unfired, with mags and paperwork in a heavy duty stainless steel case. This is gonna be fun!
    5. safecracker

      Just Scored a .50 GI Glock 20/21 Conversion

      Yes, Guncrafter Industries - the manufacturer and sole source for ammunition - first made the conversion for the 1911, then developed a Glock conversion.
    6. safecracker

      Just Scored a .50 GI Glock 20/21 Conversion

      Stainless steel slide and barrel assembly, four mags, and 160 rounds of ammo. Picked it up for next to nothing. Still researching this round….don’t know much about the round other than it’s pretty rare. At any rate, I’ll have fun burning through some rounds….
    7. safecracker

      FFL Fees outta hand?

      Berkeley Springs Trading Post is $20 for the first and $5 for each additional. All you need to do is move to West Virginia and you are gold!
    8. safecracker

      Choose Your Targets Wisely….

      ….or your ass may end up in sling for not being PC. WTF
    9. safecracker

      Watching A Guy Open Carrying in JB's Severna Park

      Spot on. I’d bet some of these guys are the same ones who sit in the left lane with their cruise control set to the speed limit, refusing to yield to faster traffic as if they are the self-anointed arbiters of speed control.
    10. safecracker

      Watching A Guy Open Carrying in JB's Severna Park

      The BGOS here is unbelievable. If Blaster hadn’t seen this guy’s weapon, this thread wouldn’t even exist. Not advocating it, but people drink and carry all the time where I live. I see it on a regular basis and it doesn’t bother me in the least. I reckon I’m just used to it. But guess what? They...
    11. safecracker

      Sign the Manchin Petition….

      ….and bounce him from the Senate in 2024.
    12. safecracker

      Cheating instructors.

      Agree 100%. These requirements should NOT exist. Not only are they unconstitutional, but they allow egotistical “instructors” to misuse their self-anointed “power”. I know one a**hole instructor who was gloating about his strict “integrity” and gleefully bragging about how he failed students...
    13. safecracker

      New resident regulated handgun registration

      Good Lord I am glad I moved to West Virginia. Reading this thread is akin to having my head squeezed in a vise.
    14. safecracker

      Livescan vendor experience

      The Training Point in Laurel.
    15. safecracker

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      TK Defense in Gaithersburg is doing engraving.
    16. safecracker

      MD Gun Shops - Best to Worst

      I heartily second this. I’ve done a pile of transfers af Berkeley Springs Trading Post and they always treat me like they’ve known me forever. And they always have plenty of ammo. Another good store is 2nd Amendment Guns in Martinsburg. Unlike many Maryland gun shops (with one pawn shop in...
    17. safecracker

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Prices in the eastern panhandle have been rising dramatically the last couple of years. I’m in Morgan County and the home I bought two years ago has appreciated by at least 50%. (This is based on selling value, not tax assessment.) I can attribute this to the large numbers of refugees fleeing...
    18. safecracker

      FFL Transfer fees

      I’m paying $20 for the first, $5 for each additional. Gotta love the wild and wonderful!
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