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    1. Gunny1

      Hello From NC

      Welcome, from Franklin County NC!
    2. Gunny1

      FREE Glock 43x!

      Followed and Shared
    3. Gunny1

      What prep items did you get recently?

      I went to purchase some peanut butter at my local Food Lion. None to be found. I wonder if this has to do with farmers price to harvest (i.e. diesel fuel).
    4. Gunny1

      where to get a mortgage?

      El Flasko did a great job for me too!
    5. Gunny1

      Happy 17th Birthday Maryland Shooters

      Happy Birthday MDShooters! :beer:
    6. Gunny1

      Greetings from NC

      Hello from Wake Forest NC! Retired from Baltimore suburbs.
    7. Gunny1

      Blessing bundles Karma

      I'm in, thanks. Very nice karma!
    8. Gunny1


      Mine are submerged as well!
    9. Gunny1

      Happy Sweet 16 MDShooters.

      Yes it does. Great forum! :party29:
    10. Gunny1

      Basic Scope for 10/22

      Me too. Very pleased with them.
    11. Gunny1

      The Great Ammo Shortage of 2020-2021

    12. Gunny1

      Another MAG Karma................

      In! Many Thanks! Good Karma!
    13. Gunny1

      Wilderness backpacking in maryland?

      The Appalachian trail. !!!
    14. Gunny1

      Ebay $25 off anything >$25.01

      Which ones? Looking for some. :)
    15. Gunny1

      Talk me out of the G43X

      OUTSTANDING! you will like it.
    16. Gunny1

      Talk me out of the G43X

      If Mooresville is anything like the Raleigh area good luck at finding ANY 9mm pistols. let alone Glocks!
    17. Gunny1

      New Girl over on the Shore

      Hello and greetings from North Carolina (ex Towsonite)! :D
    18. Gunny1

      New Maryland Ammo Restriction??

      Happened to me too!
    19. Gunny1

      Ammo prices.

      WOW... that's frightening!
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