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    1. Borg Diversity

      Borg Diversity

      Borg Diversity
    2. mike_in_md

      Light primer strikes?

      I am assuming this is a non self defense situation: You should stop firing immediately. You may have had a hang-fire that happens when the primer is struck but the round does not fire immediately. The range rule at the AGC ranges is that you should keep the firearm pointed downrange for at...
    3. mike_in_md

      Weapon Confiscated

      Check the magazine. Maybe they put it in there. If a criminal picked it up and put it in a firearm that would lead to a bad detonation, both MSP and you helped make Baltimore safer. If MSP kept it, consider it a donation to the police dept to make Baltimore safer. goo to...
    4. mike_in_md

      Trump Supports Confiscation

      Seems to me if a judge thinks that a person is a threat to themselves or others, the person should be removed from the public, which means they will not have access during that time. Then when a doctor releases that person from the mental hospital, or from jail, by the police...then that person...
    5. mike_in_md

      Scalia's Reasoning for Limits on the Second Amendment

      Originalism, textualism, purpose-ism...what about delay-ism?
    6. mike_in_md


      I use this video to explain squibs.
    7. mike_in_md

      Which Dillon is best for our intentions?

      The only press that will swage and do all the other necessary operations at the same time is the 1050.
    8. mike_in_md

      Perfect sight picture vs ACCEPTABLE sight picture.

      “Leap of faith is the path to hitting the X ring. Grip leads to trigger control. Trigger control leads to sight alignment. Leap of faith leads to accepting wobble area.” Rapid fire trigger control tip for 25 yards: Maintain trigger pressure while under recoil (and therefore in follow through)...
    9. mike_in_md

      Progressive vs Single Stage

      I'd rather load rifle on a progressive. At one time (almost 200,000 rounds ago) I would trickle charge and try to use all the same brass. What makes a bigger difference is being able to shoot well. Load a butt load and shoot more often. I'll spend money on high quality bullets, mix brass...
    10. mike_in_md

      John Josselyn leaving AGC

      Garrison invited and John Josselyn and his wife attended our Annual Garrison Rifle & Revolver club meeting last night as special guests to show John appreciation and thank them both in person for their decades of service.
    11. mike_in_md

      Hard to find anywhere to shoot in M.D without massive waits

      Garrison annual club dues are $20. There is a one time $30 initiation fee when joining. Food and beverages are free at our monthly meetings if you wish to attend them. No NRA requirement, but we highly encourage it and most members are NRA members; you get a NRA discount of $10 - $500 if you...
    12. mike_in_md

      AIMING IS USELESS! - this video is a must see.

      Lets keep the conversation going. Here's another video.
    13. mike_in_md

      AIMING IS USELESS! - this video is a must see.

      The right grip is very important for trigger control for rapid fire shooting. If you look closely at Rob shooting you can clearly see that he isn't using a crushing grip. People interpret him saying use a tight grip or as he said "as tight as I can" as using a crushing grip...saying "as tight...
    14. mike_in_md

      AIMING IS USELESS! - this video is a must see.

      We will have to agree to disagree. Too loose grip gives bigger groups (trigger motion and recoil induced). Too tight also gives bigger groups (lack of trigger control). You can not grip tight and retain fine motor control of your finger. So what to do? “Just Right” tension that gives you...
    15. mike_in_md

      AIMING IS USELESS! - this video is a must see.

      Concerning grip, grip pressure, and trigger finger placement it depends a lot on how fat the handgun is and how large your hand is. You have to find the sweet spot so that the bottom of the firearm back strap has firm pressure against the heel of your hand so that you can squeeze the trigger...
    16. mike_in_md

      Why clean brass?

      I clean my brass to help make reloading smoother and easier on the dies. Also can help you see any defects better.
    17. mike_in_md

      New Dillon square deal question

      This or give them a squirt of the Dillon case lube or Hornady One Shot lube since they are new cases.
    18. mike_in_md

      AGC Shooting Steel Stand Plan

      I hear that the rail road ties that the AGC is adding on the Barnes range at 100 yards is going to have mounts attached to the back that will take both the standard 12 3/4 inch center to center frames and also a mount that will allow a 2 by 4. It seems like a good way to for steel targets is...
    19. mike_in_md


      Green lives matter.
    20. mike_in_md

      New Member of AGC as of Today

      Thanks for the kind words. Welcome aboard to the 29 new members that joined Garrison and got a range badge today. A good handful were from MDShooters.
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