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    1. Longhorse

      Taxing the 2A - $7184.00 to Carry in 44 States & D.C.

      Excellent, informative video. I subscribed. Thank you for all the work you put into this!
    2. Longhorse

      Trying to get an appointment for DC to apply for CCW

      You have to sign up for an appointment online. Try to schedule an appointment for firearms registration rather than concealed carry. Last time I checked the portal, registration appointments were available much sooner than concealed carry appointments. When you show up for your appointment...
    3. Longhorse

      DC resident shoots, kills 13-year-old boy, says teen was breaking into cars: police

      Was your friend able to beat the charge?
    4. Longhorse

      Field Traders

      Very sad to see them go. They had some interesting stuff over the years.
    5. Longhorse

      And here it is submitted HB 0481, first one submitted

      It’s an infringement of constitutional rights and will just be used to oppress and exploit people. If 3 years isn’t a deterrent, 5 years won’t be either. Regardless, the simple, constitutionally-protected act of carrying a firearm should not be a crime.
    6. Longhorse

      WV Senate passes concealed campus carry

      Good news for WV. It will be great news if it passes the House and gets signed into law.
    7. Longhorse

      Hanson V DC, The DC Magazine Capacity Case

      That’s fair. I think my comment may have come across more critical than I intended. I didn’t realize it was Mr. Lyons specifically. His reputation precedes him and he seems to have done some great things for the 2A in DC. Mistakes happen and you’re right, he’s probably more focused on the actual...
    8. Longhorse

      Hanson V DC, The DC Magazine Capacity Case

      Hopefully so. That issue doesn’t exactly inspire confidence though.
    9. Longhorse

      Can the Democratic Party in Maryland Be Saved? Is it worth trying?

      This should be the first point brought up in any discussion with people who are in favor of gun control or are anti-2A, as many of them also voice support for social justice and anti-racism initiatives. 2A advocates should be leading with this argument. There are other arguments as well of...
    10. Longhorse

      Hanson V DC, The DC Magazine Capacity Case

      So what does this mean? I'm not seeing a viewable main document currently.
    11. Longhorse

      Another Win for Dick Heller: DC Repeals Limit on Rounds Carried by Permit Holders

      Thanks. So, basically just waiting for the current status of no limit on number of mags/reloads to become permanent?
    12. Longhorse

      Another Win for Dick Heller: DC Repeals Limit on Rounds Carried by Permit Holders

      So what is supposed to happen within a week? Is the ban on mags that hold over 10 rounds being challenged now?
    13. Longhorse

      Is HQL free for CCW Permit holders?

      Your account information for the HQL portion is separate from your portal account. If it’s your first time using the HQL portion of the MSP portal, you will need to create a new account just for the HQL portion.
    14. Longhorse

      Printing DC CCPL and Registration Cards

      As many are already aware, DC no longer prints physical CCPL or registration cards, but rather sends you a PDF in the email that you can print on your own. Does anyone know of a reputable place (either brick and mortar or online) to get the cards printed on actual plastic cards? Has anyone done...
    15. Longhorse

      Reason to Carry

      How long ago was this? My understanding is that MSP is no longer calling references and no longer doing interviews, since shortly after Maryland became shall issue.
    16. Longhorse

      Wait time for DC CCW

      I've seen posts elsewhere mentioning recent CCW applications being approved in under 20 days. The fastest recent approval I'm aware of was 10 days. It seems like DC approvals for both registration and CCW are speeding up significantly. Hopefully it stays that way.
    17. Longhorse

      Md HQL Disqualification

      If you can get it expunged, that would appear to be the ideal way to go.
    18. Longhorse

      Wait time for DC CCW

      That’s good to know. Glad to hear they were helpful.
    19. Longhorse

      Wait time for DC CCW

      If you call them before the 90 day mark, will they tell you anything other than something to the effect of "the process can take up to 90 days"?
    20. Longhorse

      DC Registration Application Questions

      You're welcome! Happy to help.
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