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    1. SavageShooter

      Gettysburg, PA Gun Show January 28 – January 29 2023

      Thanks for the info HRDWRK and the others who went. I didn't go because I thought the show wouldn't be that good. It was a good show up to 2020 since then it has been downhill. It was also nice to go there at the end of January. I did go last year. Eagle Arms is the promoter who does the big...
    2. SavageShooter

      Gettysburg, PA Gun Show January 28 – January 29 2023

      Anybody go yet? Just wondering what the vendor table count was. It is advertised as 500 tables.
    3. SavageShooter

      The Nation's Gun Show Dulles Expo center Dec 30th, 31st, & Jan 1st 2022

      Anybody going today? I am going to the NRA museum first then the show.
    4. SavageShooter

      PG County Gun Buy Back 11/19

      Are they gonna have a buy back for the criminals and drug dealers also? How about a special buy back for them. Give them more for their firearms and drugs. The looney lefties just love their criminals!
    5. SavageShooter

      York, PA; Oct 29-30 2022

      I didn't go but my friend who lives in PA went. He got there at 2:30 and they closed the show around 3:30. It was advertised as 9 to 5. That is wrong. He didn't get a chance to see everything. No show should close early unless there is an emergency. I would have demanded my entrance fee of $10...
    6. SavageShooter

      Brass Catchers

      Caldwell picatinny is the best. I run mine on both right and left hand uppers. Stag left-handed upper. Don't buy cheap junk.
    7. SavageShooter

      Another thank you to John at Duffy's

      I took my S&W Model 610 revolver 10mm to John. I was having a problem with it. He figured it out and got me straight. He's the man!
    8. SavageShooter

      Ammo On Hand

      I spoke with Joe at the Chantilly show this past Friday. A good guy. I’ve bought from him before very good prices and honest.
    9. SavageShooter

      What are WV for transporting firearms from outside the state?

      It is WV not commie MD. I was just there last week exercising my constitutional rights in Grant, Mineral, Hardy, Preston and Randolph counties. Blackwater Falls and Monongahela National Forest.
    10. SavageShooter

      Nations Gun Show (Chantilly, VA); Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2, 2022

      It used to be $13 on friday and $15 saturday and sunday. $1 off with the prinatable coupon! Highway robbers!
    11. SavageShooter

      Accidental Discharge at Chantilly

      I arrived just after it happened. They usually always ask if you have a firearm. No loaded firearms allowed inside. You have to unload it and they put a zip tie through it. I guess they will be more careful with it now. The insurance company won't like what happened.
    12. SavageShooter

      Nations Gun Show (Chantilly, VA); Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2, 2022

      Going today friday. Wish they would open at 1 instead of 3. A few years ago they did for one year and then went back to three pm start. I'm going to Clark Brothers Gun shop first in Warrenton, VA. My nephew went there in the spring it has been there a long time. I got to check it out!
    13. SavageShooter

      Powder and Primers

      Ok Joe you are the man!
    14. SavageShooter

      Powder and Primers

      Joe are you going to be at Chantilly 9/30 - 10/2 2022? Will you be doing transfers?
    15. SavageShooter

      Ocean City 9/23-9/25

      Let us know how many tables are there. It was advertised as 650 tables.
    16. SavageShooter

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Grafton is in Taylor County just off Rt. 50W. West of Garrett Co., MD. I know Grant and Mineral Counties very well. Nice mountain area you better like cold weather and snow like I do. I'm going up to Gormania, Grant Co., WV next week. I'm gonna check this out.
    17. SavageShooter

      Gettysburg, PA; Sep 17 & 18, 2022

      Ah gonna have to miss it. I'll be at Maple Grove Dragway just below Reading watching the nitromethane burning Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars running 330+ miles per hour! Much more loud noise and fun!
    18. SavageShooter

      Feedback posted by SavageShooter on MaierApril

      Great seller. Awesome deal, everything went smooth. Very nice to meet you also!
    19. SavageShooter

      Feedback reply by SavageShooter

      Great Seller. Awesome buy, eveything went smooth. Very nice to meet you also.
    20. SavageShooter

      JLowe's Awesome Shop

      Good guys! I took the Utah nonresident course up there in January this year very good. They also advertise at the Cecil County Dragway. Another good sickness of mine drag racing.
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