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    1. rog951

      Is .40 S&W DOA?

      I go to Bass Pro online and have 37 options for 40S&W. For .38SPL there are 16 including +P. For 357Mag there are 10. Which calibers are dead?
    2. rog951

      UPS no more shipping of gun parts or firearms at counter

      I love the sweet tone of my LWRC
    3. rog951

      Finishing an 80 lower

      Well, I'm sure it's archived and the damage is done, but I nuked it anyway.
    4. rog951

      ATF 80% registration choices.

      I think you just described the registration process? The 2nd option from the OP?
    5. rog951

      Interest in old playstation games

      If you end up holding any of the PS3 games after the gents above have their way, I'd be happy to come up and snag 'em. You somehow managed to not have a single game overlap with our PS3 collection - not that surprising I guess as we mostly used it to play unicorn and pony games for my daughter...
    6. rog951

      Upper to match 5D Tactical billet AR-10 lower?

    7. rog951

      Upper to match 5D Tactical billet AR-10 lower?

      Hey, thanks for the reply! I was poking around on the Aero site for a Black Friday deal on a complete 308 receiver - they had one with an 18" barrel that was really close to what I was thinking, and for a pretty fair price, but it sold out while I was researching. Ended up grabbing a 9mm...
    8. rog951

      Upper to match 5D Tactical billet AR-10 lower?

      Hey guys, I've got this lower-shaped aluminum paperweight from 5D Tactical and I was planning to pick up one of their complete uppers to ensure a good mating experience but it's been 10 months and they're just never in stock. SO, I got wondering - somebody here has built one of these...
    9. rog951

      Are you allowed to lend a gun to a friend?

      Hasn't anyone noticed that the letter of the law doesn't really matter? If you're within a stone's throw of the edge, you may or may not be ticketed, fined, arrested or have your property confiscated. There's no way to know. All people are saying here is act accordingly. I'm all for anyone...
    10. rog951

      Gettysburg Gun Show 06/ 05, 06/ 2021

      Mission accomplished, mostly: grabbed extra PMags, bunches of M1/M2 carbine and Glock mags, as well as some cute little trinkets for the girls back home. Even found some 9mm that wasn't too stupidly overpriced. Couldn't make a deal on a 22 lever...just can't bring myself to pay the current ask...
    11. rog951

      CCI has standard velocity ($3.99/50) and quiet ($4.99/50) .22lr available 10 box max

      Yup, prices must've just jumped over the last few days - Blazers went up too. Oh well, t'was good while it lasted - I loaded up pretty heavy but I probably would've bought even more if I'd known a price increase was coming. I naively was hoping the supply was coming back and that the demand...
    12. rog951

      CCI has standard velocity ($3.99/50) and quiet ($4.99/50) .22lr available 10 box max

      Hmmmm...did Standard Velocity just sneak up to $4.99 per box of 50?
    13. rog951

      Gettysburg Gun Show 06/ 05, 06/ 2021

      Will definitely swing by, thanks! If you happen have a couple mags for the USP40 (full size) I got from you awhile back, I'd appreciate if you brought them up as well, if not too much trouble. Especially if they're the metal ones. Never know when something might want to follow me home and a...
    14. rog951

      Gettysburg Gun Show 06/ 05, 06/ 2021

      Great! Sounds like a decent group is heading up. I've never been to the Gettysburg shows - used to work near Dulles so I just popped into the Chantilly show on a Friday afternoon if I needed something not readily available in a NOVA LGS. Looking forward to it.
    15. rog951

      Gettysburg Gun Show 06/ 05, 06/ 2021

      Okay guys, this show is less than 2 weeks out now - anyone heading up? I'm hoping to be there Saturday if things go as planned, looking for mags for M1 carbine and Glock if the prices aren't too stupid.
    16. rog951

      80 Percent Arms Easy Jig Gen 3

      I'd think it oughta be fine - the same metal needs to get milled away no matter who made the jig.
    17. rog951

      Does anyone have land I can shoot on? I'll pay!

      Don't think anyone mentioned the Frederick Izaak Walton chapter north of Urbana - are they still operating? I was a member there briefly but it didn't work out. Several of the Cresap RSOs were in leadership there at the time, for better or worse. I personally didn't have any trouble with those...
    18. rog951

      New guy from Urbana, MD

      Welcome! We're gettin' a Chipotle!
    19. rog951

      Ammo price coming down

      Riot season is right around the corner. Will be good for summer demand. Shoulda bought ammo stocks instead of stupid bitcoin!
    20. rog951

      HQL Training Exempt?

      I took this route for my HQL though I'd purchased two handguns in 2013 before the rules changed. My recollection is when filling out my HQL application I had to put in all the relevant info on one of the handguns, including date/place of purchase and the make/model/serial number. Not sure it'd...
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