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    1. md_rick_o

      Hello from Severn

      Welcome, also in Severn here. Dad was Navy, Brother was Navy, BiL was Marine then switched to Army for his commission. I'm retired AF.
    2. md_rick_o

      FEG HD-18 RIFLE

    3. md_rick_o

      Ridiculous take on Bruen

      Any state or jurisdiction that plea bargains away gun crimes that would disallow future ownership do allow it.
    4. md_rick_o

      SAF sues NJ over new permit law

      HOLY CRAP, When someone said CAI got hammered they weren't kidding.
    5. md_rick_o

      SR Cloud Engineer

      Sorry about that, It is indeed Ft Meade.
    6. md_rick_o

      SR Cloud Engineer

      This position requires an active DOD Secret or Top Secret Clearance This position has a Hybrid work schedule 1-2 days a week on site This role is Provide technical direction to the engineering team regarding architectural and design considerations for new cloud environments Design, document...
    7. md_rick_o

      NY ordered to answer to SCOTUS

      I have to say they didn't pull any punches from what i see. I love: Moreover, it is worth noting that “percolation” of Second Amendment jurisprudence both prior to Heller (with most courts concluding the Second Amendment did not protect an individual right) and after Heller (with most courts...
    8. md_rick_o

      4 people impersonate FBI agents in tactical gear during DC armed home robbery

      I'd think the best way to tell is if you are a criminal or not. Of course with the way things are now you may be considered a criminal without your knowledge.
    9. md_rick_o

      Smith & Wesson Letter of Authenticity / Factory Letter and Deep Dive

      I have a colt commando that has the 2" barrel and on the Colt forum some thought it was re-barreled. I did the Colt letter to verify if it was original or not (it was originally a 2"). Since it was passed down from Grandpa Jim i did believe it worth the $75 colt charges.
    10. md_rick_o

      Another day, another opportunity: post war Walther P38 poliert

      Wow, that is truly gorgeous. Good job finding that.
    11. md_rick_o

      May need another .380

      Another vote for the M&P 380 ez. As said very smooth functioning.
    12. md_rick_o

      Feedback posted by md_rick_o on rkouns2003

      Great experience, easy communication and scheduling. Rifle was exactly as described. Thanks again.
    13. md_rick_o

      Montana passes state law to protect individuals electronic data from Search and Seizure.

      Definitely agree this should be nationwide. This is especially important in the digital age. Not sure the idiots in this state would agree though.
    14. md_rick_o

      Nexbelt Failure!

      I haven't put locktite on the set screw yet, waiting to make sure i know that i have the right length. Right now i think i have it right but maybe i'm too pessimistic.
    15. md_rick_o

      School property vs school zone

      I'd question more the idea that i'm out and get a call from our daughter asking me to go pick up the kids from school.
    16. md_rick_o

      Is Glock in trouble ?

      Yeah you all can have them, not a fan. Don't fit me and my M&P fit like a glove. Know a lot of people that love them though. If i won one in a raffle i'd probably sell it untouched.
    17. md_rick_o

      Kanye, Antisemitism, and JEWISH Conspiracy Theories On THIS Site

      Welcome, i have known a number of Jewish people. The way i knew them to be Jewish was while in the military i would take duty for them on their holidays and they would cover the Christian one (if asked) without hesitation. I would say Merry Christmas to them and get Happy Hanukah back while we...
    18. md_rick_o

      What Are Rifles You Don't Need But Want?

      Another call out for a .357 lever gun. K98K SCAR 17
    19. md_rick_o

      Appendix Carry Opinions

      Yeah i want the same affect (turn the grip a bit more) so i ended up buying the yoga block and will see if i can get one to work diy.
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