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    1. SmokeEaterPilot

      My Favorite Things

      I love shooting my Garand. But the ammo is expensive and I have a hard time paying $1 or more a round. I don’t have the space right now to reload. So I’m at an impasse. I’m gonna go on record here. haha I don’t particularly like shooting the 1903. The 1917 (for the time period is an...
    2. SmokeEaterPilot

      Busy month: Remington 1903

      WOW how did I miss an 03 post. This is going to be a LONG reply and I must apologize for the wall of text. My most sincere apologies in not seeing this. And being tagged by Mawkie to boot! First of all, the rifle is a gorgeous example. It appears to have original finish and a correct RLB...
    3. SmokeEaterPilot

      Japanese Type 89 "Machine Gun"...

      Now this is a neat piece!
    4. SmokeEaterPilot

      Some fun M1 and 1903 shooting ahead :)

      I saw 1903 in the title and no pictures of your 1903..... you're playing keep-away-with-my-happiness (not my quote from a movie but I'm stealing it). Would love to see pictures this food goes to. Nice pick up!
    5. SmokeEaterPilot

      AAL stamp on M1903s or M1917s

      If you have a AAL inspection stamp on a M1917 or M1903 please post or send me a PM. Purely for research purposes. There's some controversy concerning what was going on at Augusta Arsenal at this time. It's a great story! It's going to be used for an article at American Rifleman. It's already...
    6. SmokeEaterPilot

      USMC rebuilds 1942

      I’ve heard people say that’s a USMC modification but I haven’t even seen anything about it in the QM reports. So as of right now I don’t have anything on it. But there’s a lot of misunderstandings out there. Like the “Hatcher Hole” on the left side of the receiver being Marine exclusive. The...
    7. SmokeEaterPilot

      USMC rebuilds 1942

      I was looking for another document in the USMC Quartermaster files. I found this and it caught my eye. Figured it was worth sharing. I copy a a lot, but 90% of the time, I forget what I see and use it later. I copied this before the pandemic and just noticed it now. Also, USMC 1903 rebuilds...
    8. SmokeEaterPilot

      Nam 3rd Marine Division Jungle-Made Bringback

      Very cool, thanks for sharing
    9. SmokeEaterPilot

      1911 NRA article

      Ian Skennerton is an interesting character. I was exchanging correspondence with him over 1917 rifles. One memory sticks out. I had some questions about M1917 rifles fitted with A5 scopes and his book “American Enfield” makes mention of them. So I sent a few questions and we went back and...
    10. SmokeEaterPilot

      French Lebel Revolver bringback from Nam!

      Love the paperwork. What a great piece.
    11. SmokeEaterPilot

      A different kind of High Standard accessory

      Very classy. Haven’t seen that before. Thanks for sharing.
    12. SmokeEaterPilot

      1911 NRA article

      Thanks for the support guys. It was a long project and finally happy to see it out in the open. Covid stretched it out a bit longer than we wanted. Archives closing really put a wrench into the operation. But I would like to stress this was not a one man show. I had a lot of help from various...
    13. SmokeEaterPilot

      1911 NRA article

      Well finally came out. Not trying to do the shameless self promotion too badly. But I posted on here a while back looking for examples of a slide with the “savage” mark. Needed an examples for a few photographs. Here’s why…...
    14. SmokeEaterPilot

      Hogan Addresses G and S!!!

      It’s so hard to be sarcastic in writing. Lol
    15. SmokeEaterPilot

      Hogan Addresses G and S!!!

      Here’s what I expect…. Annapolis “Baltimore is considered a sensitive area.” Everyone “you mean government buildings and schools in Baltimore city?” Annapolis “No the entire city”
    16. SmokeEaterPilot

      Archives - When Rough Rider Carbines were returned.

      So the archives are FINALLY opening back up. They've been open for a few months, but it's growing pains trying to handle appointment requests when they've never had to do that before. I was working with CMC Small arms and preWWI Chief of Ordnance automatic pistol and revolver documents...
    17. SmokeEaterPilot

      Las Vegas Antique Arms Show

      Has anyone been to this show? I’ve been hearing mixed reviews.
    18. SmokeEaterPilot

      1903 Shooting Kit

      I know that’s not something you hear very often. I guess it’s even more rare than I first thought haha
    19. SmokeEaterPilot

      1903 Shooting Kit

      I got this off ebay a couple weeks back. Very happy with it. I just don't see many shooting kits. The scorebook has dates ranging from 1937 through 1940. Also appears to have competed at various distances ranging 200-1,000 yards. What I like about this case, you can see either where Mechling...
    20. SmokeEaterPilot

      Estate Sale Help!

      You can also go through auction houses like RIAC. That's becoming more and more common these days. It's not unheard of for people to leave their collection to be consigned through the auction house and the funds are then distributed amongst the heirs via the directions of the will.
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