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    1. mauser58

      Howard County Gun show 2/4-2/5 2023

      I picked up one a few months back and not a CMP. I paid $1000 and thought that was high. It is not the prettiest but I wanted one as one of the few military rifles I didnt have. Hard to believe the prices now,
    2. mauser58

      I need a flashlight

      Bushnell Pro. I have two. 350Lumens. Very bright and wont break like all others I have been through
    3. mauser58

      Dropped of a 1943 SA Garand at Fulton Armory

      I have one also I would like to have reworked. Needs stock done and also receiver. I am curious how long it takes for turn around from Fulton. Also some guess on cost of refurb.
    4. mauser58

      Was something passed banning ammo sales to Annapolis??

      Im not exactly sure but here is an older discussion from here...
    5. mauser58

      Grissley murder is SOMD

      Yeah some strange characters. I wonder if they owned a Canoe
    6. mauser58

      Grissley murder is SOMD

      He got more than he bargained for...
    7. mauser58

      Handgun Transportation without HQL

      Well before HQL I and many others legally owned handguns and took hunting and to ranges. I took mine to ranges and hunting in western Maryland counties and shooting on friends land. Simply put unloaded handgun in pistol case of some type and in trunk. Ammo up front and stored away. Never an...
    8. mauser58

      Hello from Sykesville

      Welcome! Sorry but I cant help you with the Disapproved. Im sure others on here can help you out.
    9. mauser58

      Sunday hunting

      Being a working man like many of us not retired yet it would be nice. I have felt this way my whole hunting life. Someone commented saying most counties have Sunday hunting but that is private lands. Unfortunately most of us dont own land or know someone who has private land to hunt. Having...
    10. mauser58

      DC resident shoots, kills 13-year-old boy, says teen was breaking into cars: police

      Well people are so fed up with this stealing and other stuff. The man stopped many more thefts in the future Im sure by putting an end to him. Thing is the man will be punished and charged for this and sure his life could be ruined. Not to say other lawsuits and threats from the boys family...
    11. mauser58

      5.56 ammo for sighting in

      If using as a hunting rifle I would sight in for that weight of bullet for size of animal. Varmint hunting lets say then 55 should be ok. I hunt Deer sized so use 75 or 77 grain. Some like the 68 or others but use proper grain for type of hunting and sight in for that. If just target then...
    12. mauser58

      Considering a 410 Shotgun for Turkey

      I have the O/U Tristar and a very nice shotgun. Also one of the prettiest black walnut stocks I have.
    13. mauser58

      Considering a 410 Shotgun for Turkey

      Very true
    14. mauser58

      Considering a 410 Shotgun for Turkey

      I have a Tristar 410 O/U I purchased about 4 years ago. I have many shotguns in pump , semiauto, single ang doubled. I have been partial to double barrel shotguns as I learned on them as a young kid. I have not used my 410 O/U for turkey yet but may. I have shot many squirrel, rabbit...
    15. mauser58

      Local oaks are dying

      I have noticed the past few years some of mine are getting defoliated on outer or top branches. Leaves die and branches dry and brittle. I am thinking once leaves are destroyed then no photosynthesis so it all dies.
    16. mauser58

      Lansky sharpener or stone

      I have always used a stone and oil. I have the Smith 3 sided 3 stones. I sharpen my kitchen knives after every several uses. I never use the coarse or medium to just redo an edge. I use the fine one and 3n1 oil. Works very well on my fillet knives also.
    17. mauser58

      Harrington Casino Closed

      Last time I was there some woman ran into my ass at a red light. They dont like Marylanders I am thinking. State cop showed up and was no fricking help and just wanted me gone.
    18. mauser58

      New York Red Flag Law Ruled Unconstitutional

      Im right with you. Nice to have a like button like other sites do.
    19. mauser58

      Gun shows, in general

      Used to go to a show twice a year at a lodge off of Old Harford Rd. Another nice one was Pikesville armory and one in Belair. The same ones I see now have turned to people selling hobby stuff, socks, candy and other unrelated stuff. Also some vendors I have seen year after year with the same...
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