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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Up dated information Accepted. 8/20 NCIS #/date. 10/13 Approved. 10/19 card in hand 10/22
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Application. 8/17 Accepted. 8/20 NICS 8/20
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      Nikon out of rifle scope business

      "Nikon will be exiting the rifle scope business and that once current inventory is gone, it’s gone. TTAG spoke to Nikon’s advertising agency who confirmed the news. We’re told that this is a business decision Nikon has made based on their position in the highly competitive optics market. Nikon...
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      looking for a gunsmith

      W.A.R. Rifles 8391 Euclid Avenue, Unit H Manassas Park, Virginia 20111 Tell Drew that Richard P referred you.
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      B&T GHM9

      Vince, as you may know the earliest model of the GMH9 than came into the country had issues feeding hollow points and was designed for FMJ rounds. B&T has been modifying the feed ramp/barrel extension to cycle hollow points. The current corrected model is GMH9s. I would hope you will have the...
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      Want to ID the inspectors mark on a 1911

      I have not contacted Colt yet but plan to shortly. Thanks
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      Want to ID the inspectors mark on a 1911

      Thanks guys, I hope to keep it in the family for the next hundred years. Which is why I want to document as much as possible about the pistols history.
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      Want to ID the inspectors mark on a 1911

      Here are the photos you wanted to see.
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      Want to ID the inspectors mark on a 1911

      I will look for the other inspectors mark. You are correct, the high polish is beautiful. Most of the finish ware looks like holster ware and grip ware. I really appreciate your good input as I want to find out as much as possible this beautiful pistol that is in exceptional condition.
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      Want to ID the inspectors mark on a 1911

      Thanks for the informative reply. It is a very clear and sharp letter K. This was my great uncle’s 1911 who was in the Massachusetts National Guard during WWI. The pistol has no rust or pitting anywhere.
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      Want to ID the inspectors mark on a 1911

      I have a very early 1911 that I am trying to ID the inspectors mark which is a K on the rear trigger guard. It has a VP proof mark in a triangle at the left front of the trigger guard. I've search all the internet sights related to 1911 pistols and can't find the inspector mark this pistol has...
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      Mayberry .22LR Precision Match

      Be sure to have eye and ear protection with you.
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      Thread Protector Keeps Coming Loose

      I had the same issue on my FNP tactical. Solution is to slide a rubber O ring over the threads then screw on the thread protector, work great.
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      Walther PPQ Q5 Match

      Nice shooting, l am trying to fine one to buy. Checked several LGS and no one has one and no idea how long the wait would be. So it looks like Gun Broker is my only hope to get one.
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      Dillon or Hornady

      I've been running a Dillion 650xl for four year without a single issue. I am only loading for a rifle at this point. I would not think twice about buying a Dillionagain.
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      Quick Lancer or Magpul AR Mags

      Not with either size. Have used them in very dusty conditions with out issue.
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      Quick Lancer or Magpul AR Mags

      Have both but prefer Lancer in both 5.56 and 6.5 Creedmoor
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      Costco has 30 & 50 Caliber Metal Ammo Cans

      The Costco in White Marsh has New 30 & 50 Cal. Ammo Cans sold as a pair for $18.99. They are sold under the Heritage name and are made in China. They look to be as good as my GI cans.
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      Brux barrels. Anybody use them?

      Yes! I have a 26 inch on my 6.5 Creedmoor bolt gun. It's been outstanding.
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      50 Cal. Ammo Cans?

      Looking for a source of either new or good condition used GI 50 Cal. Cans near or close to Baltimore. Thanks Richard
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