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      Accuracy International

      Let’s see it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      Accuracy International

      Yea, but imagine how cool I’ll look whipping out an AI rifle vs a 1k set up. [emoji6] lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      Accuracy International

      Any of you guys own an Accuracy international rifle? I want to get into the long range shooting game and I wanna skip the BS of buying a budget, or beginner rifle. I know the price is high, but I wanna know what y'all have paid for yours or any experience at all. thank gents !
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      Lithgow F90MBR

      If they ever come out..... they were supposed to be released last year. I just hope we don’t get another MDR
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      AR pistol build help!

      Just who I was hoping would comment :) Also what lower receiver parts do you recommend ?
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      AR pistol build help!

      Are you shooting supressed?
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      AR pistol build help!

      I’m gonna piece together an AR15 pistol build, but need help with parts. Barrel length I’ve decided is 11.5 I’m gonna use a SB tactical PDW brace, spikes tactical lower receiver, guisele trigger(don’t know which), magpul rubber grip, dead air flash hider, dead air sandman L suppressor...
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      IP Giveaway - QTY 2 - $50 Gift Cards

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      B&T APC-556 / APC223

      I have the B&T APC9 and thing just speaks high quality, was expensive but worth the money. As far as it being on the registry.....I don't know.
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      bakes and steel 74 mags

      If you wanna get prices gouged.
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      B&T apc9 ?

      And I went black It’s freaking awesome !
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      B&T apc9 ?

      Yes sir! Thing is great! Shoots smooth. Accurate out the box. Finish is amazing and as soon as you slap a SB tactical side brace on it, it’s a go to sub gun.
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      bakes and steel 74 mags

      If You want good prices you gotta join the magazine exchange on Facebook. And have them shipped out of stage. Also 5.45 steel mags are rare
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      current ATF wait time

      Check cashed individual two form 4s Dead air sandman L and Dead Air Wolverine 6/13/17 Approved 10/27/17 Will pick up whenever I can make it back to Texas :/ Another month wait
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      Ruger 10/22 $200

      I bought one with a threaded barrel a few months back, still have yet to shoot it. Just sits in the closet collecting dust. Not interested in it to be honest . Y’all will see an ad soon if I decide to get rid of it.
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      HK VP9 $630, any IPs beat that?

      Brownells has them for 505 +4 mag rebate
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      New Member from Southern Maryland

      Welcome ! From Lexington park!
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      Primary arms prism scopes are solid too if the acog is too expensive. I had the same trouble with my MRO and vortex so so I sold them, the dot is partially distorted due to the magnifier not just your astigmatism
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      looking to buy my first rifle,, need help finding/choosing one

      Id say find you one of them colts 6920s that don't come with a hand guard or butt stock that way you can configure it however you want, its your first rifle you're gonna buy a bunch of unnecessary shit for it lol Which is part of the fun!
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      B&T apc9 ?

      My scar was 2600 , and that's the highest I'll pay for a rifle so the apc9 isn't that bad lol Anytime I see pictures of it I know I have to own one lol
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