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    1. Trepang

      Who's getting in some fishing?

      Virginia Beach - 4 Feb 2023. Started the day in 6-8 foot but it laid down a little throughout the day 14 Man limit of Black Sea Bass with a couple of trigger fish and bluefish mixed in. About a dozen of the bass were 5-7 lbs big’ uns.
    2. Trepang

      Dropped of a 1943 SA Garand at Fulton Armory

      There is an awesome picture of that I saw awhile back. I think it was taken on Okinawa. Just piles of parts with a guy reassembling Garands out of the piles. No one was worried about headspace back then.
    3. Trepang

      Dropped of a 1943 SA Garand at Fulton Armory

      I have 4 of them. 1943s and 1944s. Charlie Maloney went through one of them a couple years ago. The other two are mostly "correct" with good war time barrels, period correct parts and stocks with the correct cartouches on them. This one was a Rack beater and I wanted a Fulton Garand to go...
    4. Trepang

      Dropped of a 1943 SA Garand at Fulton Armory

      They are going to: Bead last all the metal Re-parkerize everything New barrel New springs Replace the uncut Winchester Oprod Change the IHC bolt to a SA bolt Gauge and spec everything out Replace any out of spec parts New walnut stock with matching grain and color - not bedded but hand fit I...
    5. Trepang

      Dropped of a 1943 SA Garand at Fulton Armory

      I don't know how many of you are members of the Garand Collectors Association and get their magazine but in the past couple of articles they have been doing a series on a Garand they bought from Royal Tiger Imports and then sent it off to Fulton Armory for a complete overhaul. The most recent...
    6. Trepang

      5CA upholds Illinois TRO

      Effingham, IL county is where my home town is. Very rural - corn fields, cows, corn fields, pigs, corn fields and some more corn fields. My town's population this past year was 410. My senior class from High School had 17 of us in it.
    7. Trepang

      Rifle cleaning rods and jags

      I have switched over to 100% J. Dewey stuff. If you do go that route - pay attention to male/female ends on rods, brushes & jags when ordering or you will be buying adapters which are a PIA. For organization, IMHO it's hard to beat tackle trays.
    8. Trepang

      Fed ex in waldorf

      You could have just stopped at "WALDORF" It smells like weed from Surratts Rd all the way down to the Nice Bridge. On the rare occasion I have to head south through that area, I cut through Buds Creek just to avoid the whole thing.
    9. Trepang

      PayGov service not available.

      Quick story about In 2020 I paid the annual US Coast Guard User Fee ($300) via like I always had in the past. About 6 months later I get a check in the mail for $300 from Dept of Treasury. I called and emailed for months before I finally got an reply. They blamed the mix...
    10. Trepang

      Gun shops in SOMD

      Hero Quartermasters in Dunkirk Next to Dominoes and Anthonys, just a couple doors up from the Dunkirk Post Office. They have regular business hours - Store front operation - Not a home or part time business
    11. Trepang

      Byf 44 p38

      :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    12. Trepang

      For all you Beretta fan boys

      My early 90's made in Italy 92FS and a 1940 M1934 with gray/green holster and WW2 mags
    13. Trepang

      Updated WW2 sidearm Group Photo

      Once again, I appreciate your insight and opinion. A High Power is on my list as well. I need fishing season to start back up before I can add anymore...the TOP SECRET//NO WIFE//GUN FUND piggy bank is pretty low. lol
    14. Trepang

      Updated WW2 sidearm Group Photo

      Thanks guys. I have no clue what you are getting at Michigander, but thanks, I think, lol I have a lotta love for a Russian T-33 but not a lot of luck. I am looking but it seems like every one I come across is beat to death or they want a kidney for it - sometimes both. Kinda gave up and...
    15. Trepang

      Updated WW2 sidearm Group Photo

      Top, L to R 1940 Italian Beretta M1934 1942 German Walther PP - Wehrmacht Issued, Nazi proofmarks 1940 British Enfield No 2 Mk I* with cleaning rod 1941 Russian Nagant M1895 with cleaning rod Bottom, L to R 1943 US Ithaca 1911A1 (From the CMP, Round 3) 1942 US S&W Victory Model. US Navy Marked...
    16. Trepang

      May need another .380

      No Legacy Collectibles
    17. Trepang

      May need another .380

      Gorgeous. A 1908 is on my to-buy list as well.
    18. Trepang

      IL Legislature passes anti everything bill

      F'ing Chicago controls the entire state. My family is all down at the other end - right between a bean field, a hog farm and a corn field.
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