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    1. Gcs7th

      Associated Guns Club of Baltimore

      Yes if you have not had an active range badge in 2yrs they require a re-orientation
    2. Gcs7th

      May need another 9mm

      I love shooting handguns, if it’s a good looking gun, decent price, shoots well, and you like it why not? What make model is it?
    3. Gcs7th

      Used Guns

      I agree the safety on the Taurus is in the correct place. My solution on the 92fs was to swap the safety for a decocker.
    4. Gcs7th

      Should You Carry Your Pistol Cocked and Locked?

      practice with your gear, that’s #1 If your not comfortable with your gear then it’s time for a change.
    5. Gcs7th

      Are Girsan pistols any good?

      From what I understand they have evolved so there’s minimal compatibility between the two.
    6. Gcs7th

      Optics ready M&P shield from Bass Pro

      Buy ammo with your gift card and visit an IP here from the forum.
    7. Gcs7th

      Steel Target Safety

      12-15y for pistol calibers, 75y for rifle calibers. I would recommend your targets are mounted at a 20 degree downward angle or swinging. We always recommend full coverage eye protection too.
    8. Gcs7th

      Nosler SR suppressors

      If your rifle doesn’t have an adjustable gas system I really recommend the OSS suppressor. They don’t increase the back pressure as much.
    9. Gcs7th

      Birchwood Casey Brass Black

      I found this on the internet, looks like you’re not the only one with the idea.
    10. Gcs7th

      Bmore tactical experiences

      Thanks, good info. The only time I use a lock is when I’m transporting across state lines.
    11. Gcs7th

      Bmore tactical experiences

      I though the omega lock requirement is no more.
    12. Gcs7th

      Sig 365 SAS slide trade?

      There are plates available to mount a true optic in place of that sight if you want to go with a red dot sight. I was researching this for someone else.
    13. Gcs7th

      No manual safety

      This exactly, it can also be retrofitted
    14. Gcs7th

      Surefire shotgun slide hits the tube extension swivel assembly

      Mark it and grind the lip off.
    15. Gcs7th


      Welcome to the forum! I’ve purchased cases of ammo from you guys in the past and you have been a great outfit to deal with. Thanks for your support of this forum.
    16. Gcs7th

      Free AGC Range Orientation - Saturday

      If you’re coming out today, please review the following two documents before the walkthrough. 1. Range Safety Orientation Video/Slides: 2. AGC Range Rules:
    17. Gcs7th

      Clay pigeons - mini or midi where to buy

      Shydas, never been but heard good things.
    18. Gcs7th

      Free AGC Range Orientation - Saturday

      If you are a new member, or need a refresher on the range rules, Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting a range orientation this Saturday 11/26/22 at 12:30PM starting on the action bays. If you’re interested in attending please RSVP to the club president at...
    19. Gcs7th

      Thoughts on carrying a 5.7x28 for WC in MD

      Ruger 5.7 all the way! It’s a big gun not sure how well you can conceal it but any gun with a magazine safety is a no go for me and I don’t think they offer a FN5.7 without it. It’s a great zippy little round feels like shooting laser beams such a flat shooting round.
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