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      RNFP Lead Bullet Issue

    2. M

      Too Old to Buy a Gun?

      Obi Wan say "This is not the solution you are looking for"
    3. M

      Everything you need to know

      "Everything you need to know.... All at once?" Or you trying to tell us that someone needs their roots worked on?
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      Maryland Arms Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/19-3/20, 2022

      Time for a new thread
    5. M

      French or Belgian cadet trainer?

      Nice, interesting butt on that stock
    6. M

      Contact and support SB96 reduce archery safety zones in HoCo

      Wow Hester, she is a dem and I’m in her district. Boy do I support this one. I’ll have to contact her about this one and let her know it’s great she is doing this! I lost my setback last year and this will get it back as I can move to the other side of my property. Sent from my iPhone using...
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      My first .22.....Don't Laugh!

      I was surprised at the accuracy of the Savage with a bill barrel. Go wood stock to be classy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      MSP Got one... Instructor caught cutting corners, permits invalidated.

      Can we circulate a hard copy list of these yahoos at the next Boogaloo meeting? The list can be encoded if needed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      Crimping when seating a bullet...

      If it’s the Hornady 3037 bullets I have used that a lot for my Garand and 1903a3before I found some bulk buys. I use Lee FCD and do not load to cannelure or it would load too deep. That cannelure is too far up for every cartridge I have used it in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      What did you cast today?

      Are you going subsonic? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      Associated Guns Club of Baltimore

      What is going on with the plinking bay, is it planned/approved or still being discussed? that's the one that they have been talking about since the beginning that it would be open all the time for those with steel badges?
    12. M

      Associated Guns Club of Baltimore

      Your not the only one, I think the ones that write this test also do the learners permit at the MVA. They changed up the questions last year and I have been hearing of lots of kids failing, but it makes them go back and re read them. My first 3 boys passed without reading the book and daughter...
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      Oh it's gonna be a blood bath - Latest RTI import of pistols from Africa

      "Limited availability of XXX : $1299" 2 months later, same add 2 months later, same add rinse repeat
    14. M

      Reciprocity Research for Road Trip

      What is harder to understand? Carry laws in states or tax code?
    15. M

      Should You Carry Your Pistol Cocked and Locked?

      There is a fear of an ND for people that carry. I have talked to people who are new to carry as well as people who are considering it. (I don't have a wear and carry permit). I also would be concerned about ND as well. Its human to worry about things going wrong. I fully understand why...
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      1940 Italian Beretta M1934 with two magazines, holster and even some WWII ammo

      Nice find! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      Squirrel Recipes

      I’ve eaten my kills but the joy I get from watching the dogs eat the squirrel meat is much better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      Mosin sniper versions and replicas?

      Get the real deal it will retain its value. Inspect the bore Got mine years ago when they were “in stock” and only $550 Mint bore and after doing the stock mods 1” groups (1 minute between shot) with reloads at 100yards Every one I have seen scope a mosin on their own gets disappointed. If...
    19. M

      Busy month: Remington 1903

      very nice!
    20. M

      Building a solar powered/Charged Golf cart

      Don’t forget the weight of the battery lowers the center of gravity. Only really important on hills. Also If you are leaving it out in the elements, it will age faster than being in a garage or shed. Yes They stay outside at golf courses but Mother Nature is still not kind. Sent from my iPhone...
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